Do you Unbound Worlds?


An ancient Tibetan form of meditation? The name of a new hybrid vehicle? A new nightclub in the heart of Manhattan? The middle name of an astronaut? These were some of the interesting answers people gave to this question:
“What is Unbound Worlds?”
If the answer is none of those given, then what is the answer?
Unbound Worlds is a new website catering to news from all sci-fi and fantasy creative media–books, audiobooks, gaming, manga, comic books and movies! Content will include podcasts, videos, reviews, interviews and original blog posts, all brought to you by some of the best talents in the sci-fi, fantasy, graphic novel and gaming industries.
Imagine the San Diego Comic Con–but on a website all year round!
Sounds great, right?
That’s just the beginning. Sci-fi and fantasy fans will also play a role in Unbound Worlds. Visitors are encouraged to comment on the posted content, contribute information they deem pertinent, and send in suggestions to make Unbound Worlds the best it can be. Links to offsite blog and website content will be highlighted. As a community sharing and growing with one another, every relevant bit of news will have benefit–given voice on Unbound Worlds for those who would hear it.
Unbound Worlds will grow over time. In the coming months Unbound Worlds will not only be a news blog but will evolve to include a library of free science fiction and fantasy books, advanced reads of forthcoming projects, exclusive looks inside the creative process of the publishing world, and incorporate a forum for like-minded fans to converse with one another.
So what is Unbound Worlds, you ask? It is many things. But it is also a beginning–thrusters given life for the launch!
Welcome to Unbound Worlds!

  • Hey! Great to see another publisher jump into the blogosphere. Can’t wait to see what you guys do.

  • At last! Glad to see this here! Much needed! Thank you !! Here are some more superfluous exclamation marks !!!! !! ! !!! (use as needed)

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