SDCC 08 – Ryder “Yank’em” Windham D.D.S.


Saturday afternoon author Ryder Windham and artists Chris Trevas and Tommy Lee Edwards signed copies of Star Wars Jedi Vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force at the Del Rey booth. The signing was a lot of fun and very well attended. It also featured my single stangest moment of the convention so far. Jump to read more.

About forty five minutes into the signing, a young fan approached the booth and Tommy and Chris both signed his book. By the time he reached Ryder the fan had informed everyone that his front tooth was loose and would fall out soon. Now, I’m not exactly sure how the next few moments transpired. All I can tell you is that about a dozen of us watched in shock as the boy leaned into the table and allowed Ryder to pull his tooth right there at the booth. Once the initial shock passed, a number of us scrambled for FLiP or still cameras to capture the moment. Alas, we were too late. I was able to catch the brave little fellow with his new smile afterwards.
Who knows what will happen next year? Maybe Karen Traviss will perform an appendectomy with a chainsaw bayonet!