NYCC Interview: Peter V. Brett


While at the NY Comic Con, Unbound Worlds spoke to and interviewed a number of authors and artists who were there in attendance. Always great fun. And those authors and artists really enjoy being allowed to speak to their fans about what they are working on, just as Unbound Worlds enjoys giving them the ability to do so.
Here is our discussion with The Warded Man author Peter V. Brett!

The interview is broken into five watchable videos. Four more video entries follow this one, so if you are interested in learning more about Peter V. Brett and how he writes, what authors he likes to read, what it was like for him to meet Terry Brooks, and how the sequels of The Warded Man will be layed out, travel on to the next page!

Peter talks about outlining and his writing process:

Peter talks about meeting Terry Brooks:

Peter talks about what he likes to read:

Peter talks about how his fantasy series is constructed and forthcoming titles:

Thank you, Peat, for allowing us to interview you!
More NY Comic Con interviews to come! Stay tuned!