NYCC Interview: Robin Furth


Every comic con has a highlight for those who go—and a highlight for one person might not be for another.
For me, the 2009 NY Comic Con will always be remembered as the first time I met Robin Furth.
The Dark Tower series, written by Stephen King, is a foundational piece in who I am. I am a fantasy reader at heart, but the combination of fantasy, horror and western really gripped me at a young age and it followed me long into adulthood. Roland Deschain is probably my favorite character in literature and those he surrounds himself with—from David, Alain, Bert and Susan, to Oy, Jake, Eddie and Susannah—live inside of me like they do for millions of other Dark Tower fans (junkies).
I have two framed Michael Whelan prints, both with the Dark Tower in the background, both with Roland staring longingly at it from a vast distance.
To remind me of my own Tower I hope to gain entrance to one day.
Robin Furth has her own Tower of sorts. She is the person responsible for researching the Dark Tower series from The Gunslinger to Wizard & Glass, enabling Stephen King to finish his saga with barely a continuity glitch. She has worked closely with Stephen King and the Dark Tower series for years, and to talk to to her about her experiences was fantastic. She exudes Dark Tower lore and I always love being around people like that. She is also one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met—always carrying a ready smile, always willing to put people at ease.
Robin has recently signed on with Del Rey Books to adapt The Talisman, a novel written by both Stephen King and Peter Straub which is irrevocably tied into the Dark Tower series. Along with artist Tony Shasteen, Robin will bring the story of Jack Sawyer to life as he tries to save two worlds and two mothers.
And so far I love what I am hearing and what I have seen from this project!
Here is my Interview with Robin Furth!
Part I of VIII: The Mistress behind The Tailsman!

To watch the rest of Robin’s interview (Parts II-VIII), make the jump!

Part II of VIII: How Robin began to work with the Master of Horror!

Part III of VIII: Robin talks about The Talisman!

Part IV of VIII: Who is looking over Robin’s shoulder?

Part V of VIII: How hard is it adapting The Talisman, Robin?

Part VI of VIII: What Robin likes about working in comic books!

Part VII of VIII: Robin talking about the size of NYCC!

Part VIII of VIII: Robin tells a Roland Deschain story!

This is the first interview. So what will come next, you ask? You all are going to be interviewing Robin! And Tony Shasteen! More information on that to come really soon!
Next though, will be the interview with Tony Shasteen!