Saturday Morning Coffee with Unbound Worlds-2/28


You could say I have a sweet gig here at Unbound Worlds– I get to spend my weekdays talking/planning/brainstorming with editors, writers, bloggers and technologists about all that is Unbound Worlds. We have so much good stuff to get out on Unbound Worlds that I find it difficult to find time to check out the posts on other great sites!
So here I sit with a cup of coffee and a list of some of the most entertaining posts from my favorite sites. I thought you might enjoy them as well….
We Could Be Discovering Earthlike Planets By 2013
Ancient Rockets: Houdini

Comic Con International
New Issue of Comic-Con Magazine Online

Shur’tugal and Lytherus Now Hiring

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist
Because Other List Suck

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