It’s about time: Sci Fi Channel to change, er, tweak name


So in case you haven’t heard yet or if you’re like me and are consistently the last person to hear about these kinds of things, then you’ll be interested to hear that the Sci Fi Channel is about to update it’s name. And that update? Well….
Ta Da! It’s still pronounced the same way, but this new funk-tastic spelling pays homage to the other half of the channel’s programming. Want my opinion on the matter*? I like it. Aw heck, throw me on the bandwagon with an official looking purple shirt – I love it! I’ve been hoping that something like this would happen for a little while now.
In recent years we’ve seen a heavier listing of regular science fiction shows, such as the all-world favorite Battlestar Galactica, the long running Stargate series, and my personal favorite show, Eureka. However, the channel has also been the home to many fun fantasy shows and original movies like Sanctuary, Dead Like Me (originally from Showtime), and Moonlight. And finally, lest you think I’m leaving it out, the Dr. Who franchise that skirts the boundaries of both science fiction and fantasy.
So yeah, I love the change. But what do you think? There’s plenty of time to sound off on it as the change won’t take place until July, according to the Syfy website (still found at Of course, that’s not going to stop me from being an early adapter of the new name. As far as I’m concerned, it’s Syfy from here on out. Slick rebranding, Syfy; I’m with ya all the way!
You can read the Syfy Channel’s official press release HERE.

*Did you not read the headline of this article?