A message from Aaron Allston’s family


We would like to let all Aaron’s friends and fans know that their support and good wishes during this difficult time are greatly appreciated. The outpouring of concern has been incredible. Please be patient as we are working to set up more opportunities to help. All of you are dear to Aaron.
Aaron is still in intensive care and is making slow but steady progress on his recovery. The nurses and doctors are giving us thumbs ups and smiles and that is a very encouraging thing.
Our admiration and gratitude to all the doctors and nurses who are taking care of Aaron is beyond words to express. Their dedication and skill is truly spectacular.
Additionally we want to thank Aaron’s professional colleagues for their assistance and understanding as we go forward.
Official updates on Aaron’s progress can be found at: www.aaronallston.info
Thank you all for being there for Aaron and all of us.
–the family of Aaron Allston