SDCC: Patrick Rothfuss Interview Parts I + II


speakman-knot.jpgComic Con is for old friends.
Sometimes I force my old friends to work!
I’ve known Patrick Rothfuss since almost the moment of his debut publication—and in some ways even earlier. His agent, Matt Bialer, had been telling me for months leading up to the release of The Name of the Wind that he had found a great author. “Just wait until you read it, Shawn. It is going to blow you away.” Matt, as usual, was right.
So when Pat came to Seattle for NorwesCon, we had to meet.
And after getting to know him better and having many shared similarities in our lives, it’s been great fun watching him grow from debut writer to successful and working writer!
I chained him to the Unbound Worlds booth at the San Diego Comic Con and wouldn’t let him go until he had given me an interview. We thought it would only go 10 or 15 minutes. Turns out Pat had a lot to say about his debut, its sequel and what his life is like now.
Let’s get to it then!
Part I and Part II of the interview we conducted are posted in this article. He talks about his initial thoughts on Comic Con, his panel and the definition he has for urban fantasy, the structure of his trilogy and the future, the interesting story he wants to write when he is a stronger writer, his craft of writing and revision of Wise Man’s Fear, what happened to the “yearly” release of his books and woman cats.
You’ll see what I mean.

Click through to watch Part II! And then come back tomorrow for the release of Parts III and IV!

Remember. Tomorrow. Parts III and IV! You are forewarned!