365 Days of Manga, Day 13: Princess Resurrection


kaibutsucover1.jpgPRINCESS RESURRECTION (Kaibutsu Ôujo, “Monster Princess”) (????) • Yasunori Mitsunaga • Del Rey (05/2007) • Kodansha (Shônen Sirius, 2005-ongoing) • 9+ volumes (ongoing) • Shônen Horror Action Comedy • 16+ (graphic violence, mild sexual situations)
After a fatal accident, wimpy young Hiro is resurrected as the immortal blood servant of Hime, the vampire-like, black-dress-wearing daughter of the king of the monsters. Hime has just moved into the big creepy mansion in town with her robot maid, and with Hiro’s help and a lot of chainsaws, exotic weapons and bloodshed, she must defend herself against her siblings who are competing for their father’s throne. Cute girls in maid outfits and splattery mayhem ensue in this manga which pays tribute to all the classic movie monsters, starting with the Universal Pictures monsters of the ’30s and ’40s (the wolfman, the invisible man, vampires, fish-men, etc.). The episodic plot is complete silliness, but fun and fast-paced, and the action scenes are very well done with girls and creatures fighting each other in imaginative, but not exceptionally gory, ways in every chapter. The art has a slick, stylized, angular anime look.
** 1/2 (two and a half stars)
Today’s winner is Kelsey W. of Ohio! Congratulations, Kelsey!

I’m also proud to post another winner’s photo: Gwyneth J. of Oregon!
Were Oregonians alerted to 365 Days of Manga by my recent visit to Kumoricon? In keeping with today’s theme of monsters and vampires, Gwyneth received Lunar Legend Tsukihime vols. 1-5 for her first set of manga. Glad you liked it, and get ready for another surprise manga visitation!

  • jose

    i love tsukihime som much but i cnt find vol 7 is it out o nt yet

  • Neil ganther

    Where is Princess Resurrection 08? where is it?? really!!!

    number 12 is out in japan!

    I own 1-7!

  • lauren

    SERIOUSLY!!!! where is princess ressurection 8?i thought it was sposed to be out a whil ago… then again so was the new mega tokyo

  • Cornelius Ganther

    yes i would like to buy princess resurrection #8 as well as #9 and #10 #11 also #12 would be nice! please i have one – seven! sitting on my shelf as well as the anime!

  • ?

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where is 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sean

    I would like to know when vol 8 is coming out as I have 1- 7. Vol 8 was ment to be out last year now so any news would be great, thanks

  • Warrof

    This is for everyone who wants to see this seires published.

    “Good Afternoon,

    Thank you for contacting Random House and for your interest in our publications.

    We have no information available on any possible future plans for this series however volume 8, which was originally scheduled for release in June 2010, was cancelled prior to publication.

    Random House Consumer Services

    This is a message I just recieved after i asked Random House about the future of Princess Resurrection.

  • sean

    So now what, is someone els going to pick it up or are we going to be left with just 7 vols 🙁 🙁

  • sean

    Thats just great, just when it was getting good too. anyone know if it’s going to get picked back up by someone els, really want to continue this manga

  • Bryan

    it figures that i finally find a good manga just to have them stop publishing it.
    *sigh* And I thought it would sell pretty well

  • kiel

    This manga is great. Hey is there a news about the anime, i wish there is a continuation of it, i really want to watch it.

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