Take Our Chat: Harry Connolly & Betsy Mitchell


Child_of_Fire.jpgIf you missed the chat, or if you watched and thought it’d be great to take the chat to your blog, then you might be interested in the embed code below. That’s all you need to take our chat and run with it on your own site. And you might be interested in doing so. Harry talked about what it was like to watch see his book in print, how he writes (outlining, free-writing, or both), writers’ groups, and a slew of questions relating to his book. Betsy spoke too about obtaining the book, sending advance copies to Harry (with some strategic labeling meant to impress the in-laws), and more.
Harry’s debut novel, has already drawn praise, like a starred review in Publishers’ Weekly and the following quote from Jim Butcher:

“[Child of Fire] is excellent reading and has a lot of things I love in a book: a truly dark and sinister world, delicious tension and suspense, violence so gritty you’ll get something in your eye just reading it, and a gorgeously flawed protagonist. Take this one to the checkout counter. Seriously.” — Jim Butcher

You can read an excerpt from Child of Fire on Harry’s website: HERE.
So, it was quite the event. Grab the code below and enjoy our chat with Harry Connolly and Betsy Mitchell!