365 Days of Manga, Day 39: Aventura


Aventura1_500.jpgAVENTURA (????????) • Shin Midorikawa • Del Rey (2007-ongoing) • Kodansha (Shônen Sirius, 2005-ongoing) • 4+ volumes (ongoing) • Fantasy • 13+ (mild violence)
Lewin Randit, a young boy raised by his kindly grandmother, is a student at the Gaius School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Because of Lewin’s lack of traditional magical ability, he is first enrolled in the swordsmanship program, but when strange goings-on occur at the school, Lewin discovers a secret spiritual power which causes awe and consternation among his schoolteachers. A cozy, scones-and-biscuits entry in the Harry Potter chosen-child-in-magic-school genre (by way of Japanese RPGs such as Tales of Phantasia and Final Fantasy Tactics), Aventura combines shôjo-esque layouts with a shônen self-esteem theme. (“If you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t find the strength you need to cast a magic spell.”) The baroque artwork, with its Disney-esque fantasy elements such as red-nosed dwarves and animated household objects, makes the manga look like a storybook, and dresses up a fairly simple wish-fulfillment story. (Though the art is sometimes too ornate for its own good, and the uniformly cute, degendered, sparkly-haired characters are hard to tell apart.)
** (two stars)
Today’s winner is Ellen P. of California! Congratulations, Ellen!
We also have a new photo of a previous winner, Jason B.! For his first five manga, Jason won copies of Gundam and Rebound, the Tokyopop name for the second half of Yuriko Nishiyama’s excellent manga Harlem Beat. Harlem Beat was the first sports manga published in the U.S. (except for a few sports-themed short stories by Rumiko Takahashi from Viz), and it’s a great series. If you’re at all into basketball, check it out!
More manga reviews to come tomorrow! Till then, I’ll be relaxing and working on the English edition of one of my favorite manga, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

  • Nina

    i was just wondering…. was this series dropped for translating? i can only find up to volume 3 and would really like to know what happens after that… sadly though, i cannot read anything but english. i know that 5 volumes have been released, so i was just wondering. if it has been dropped, please tell me

  • Ashley.H

    I was also wondering the same thing I like the series very much and would like to know it vol 4 and 5 will be in English ???

  • Hilary C

    I went to Chapters Indigos a bookstore that i always go to to buy my books
    I went to go see if Aventura Volume 4 was in but they told me that it is a cancelled publication, What happened?

  • wt…? i like this series. i want to know what happens next. whats the deal?

  • Alea

    I have been wondering the same thing. I’ve been checking for a long time, and I found that there are two more volumes, but I can’t find any indication on when or if Aventura volumes 4 and 5 will come out. But I do know that Del Rey manga are now handled by Random House, and all manga will officially be taken over this December, so maybe we can see more Aventura in the future? I sure hope so

  • Jon

    I too am wondering if Del-Ray or its successor Kodansha USA will pick up the series as there are 2 that are out without an English translation.

  • Carrie

    I really like the manga, too! That was like the ultimate cliff hanger though, what happened to the twin!?!? Seriously, not cool. Maybe they stopped translating it because it got some bad reveiws…. those losers!

  • Frank sinatra

    Aventura 4 by shin midorikawa is claimed to be almost finished be coverted to english and they say “oh since random house bought del rey manga we are a little bit shaken up at the company” But i mean seriously even if the company was bought they still should do their job and finish the book. I have been waiting like all you aventura lovers too long i would like to see some progress. If anyone knows anything more on the progress of the converting from Japanese to English please tell me cause that so far has been my all time favorite series and i would hate to not get to see how the other parts of the story went.

  • Michie

    Gosh! This happened to me with a story called More starlight to your heart. Damn ADV manga just stopped publishing it at 2 volumes when there were 8. GOSH WHY CAN’T THEY JUST FINISH THE DAMN THING INSTEAD OF LEAVING US WONDERING I HATE THAT GOSH! I bought all 3 volumes of adventura excited of what was gonna happen in volume 4. AND THEN I HEAR THIS BULLSHIT!!! DELREY YOU AREA BULLSHIT ORGANIZATION THAT DOESN’T CARE ABOUT ITS BUYERS! Good grief! A waste of my money I might as well sell them in a yard sale or something. I won’t give up hope but MSTYH has been unfinished since 2004 (its the first manga I’ve ever read. And it still isn’t being published. I hate that Japans the only country that makes creative stories(comics) why can’t Delrey or whatever just PUBLISH 100 COPIES ALREADY?! IT’s so easy! And why don’t they FINISH WHAT THEY STARTED?!!! SHEEEEESH! THEY ARE SO LUCKY I’M NOT A MURDERER CAUSE IF I WAS THE WHOLE COMPANY WOULD BE BLOWN UP BY NOW!!!! I’m so tired of this cowshit!! Publish aventura volume 4 now OR I WILL DESTROY YOU GUYS!

  • ;w; god… why did it have to end with thies dying!!!!
    chris was my favorite anime character. ever. and now i wont the full story of his scaring past…
    Dwl rey manga, please finish the series!!! it’s my favorite manga and midorikawa’s art is beatiful, and i usally keep the series*only the first 3 cough* as refrence for my art
    i wish i could unstand japanese… i know hiragana… but i can’t translate it ;3;

    just this year i was reading the series with a friend… i hated how it ended… so many questions were left unanswered… del rey must have SOME money to finish aventura, i’ll even donated all my money *i’m serious* but i still don’t think that will be enough…

  • Rianna

    I have been waiting so long for volume 4. I mean, I can understand why it’s taking so long for it to hit American audiences though. This series is underrated, and it’s gotten bad reviews on top of that… I seriously cannot wait to find out what happened to Thies. Please, Del Rey, release volumes 4 and 5 already!

  • bob

    mommy I have a rash on my butt and it itches

  • bob

    mommy I have a rash on my butt and it itches really badly


  • M8T5

    hey im just wondering were i can get the rest of the books at i saw the book my friend had an read two pages now i would like to know what happens if you know were i can get a book that would be great

  • Kio-chii

    Ok I personally ADORE Aventura. And Think it really sucks if they’re not planning on continuing it in the future. Cus’ in truth like a lot of people I for one and Sick and tired of people just suddenly dropping a project right in the middle of it when its SO GOOD!!!
    and in truth on of the few reason’s why people are probubly giving bad reviews is because its so unique and different.
    I mean in most storys like this IT GOES WAY TO MUCH TO THE ROMANCE SIDE!! I MEAN SERIOUSLY PEOPLE NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE “oh I love you let me fight your you and maybe DIE”
    sorry bad rant there. but PLEASE Del I know I’m just one of many but in truth every book ever to be published or translated gets bad reviews sooner or later. Especially a subject like magic and myth. JUST LOOK AT HARRY POTTER!!! and twilight theres some schools that wont even ALLOW those into they’re library and those are two of the worlds most popular books (though i have no idea why on Twilight). SO please PLEASE dont let a few bad reviews bring down such a good and unique story BE THE ONES TO SAY “SCREW YOU BAD REVIEWS WE”LL CONTINUE THIS FOR THE FANS!!!”
    You might just be serprized what that might get you in the end to be unique!!!

  • B

    I have been waiting for this manga’s completion since i first laid eyes on it!! And here i find out all of this is going on! NO! I REFUSE TO LET SUCH A GOOD ANIME BE ABANDON!! I had all my hopes for seeing this manga till the end and find out its been cancelled!! This has happened to 3 manga series that i really love and i will not let it happen to this one! I HATE IT WHEN THIS HAPPENS BECAUSE ITS SOOO GOOD AND FILLED WITH SO MUCH IMAGINATION I REALLY LOVE THIS MANGA! FUCK WHAT THE CRITICS SAY THERE’S WAY MORE MANGA OUT THERE THAT SUCK BALLS AND THEY FINISHED JUST FINE!! AND HERE I THOUGHT WAS A GOOD MANGA THAT SEEMS IT WOULD BE A LOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGG AMAZING MANGA!! AND SO FAR THERES ONLY 5 BOOKS! There needs to be more!!

  • Briana

    I am looking for the 2nd book of this to buy, if anyone can help me find it that would be great cause i can not find it on the site or any other for that fact.

  • lydia

    I completely agree that they should hurry up and translate the 4th volume already! It’s driving me CRAZY!!!!

  • Ziedee

    I agree with you guys as well. They should finish a manga that they’ve published whether the reviews are good or bad, because their company will recieve even more bad reviews if a series of manga was left unpublished that has fan laying in wait for a long time. Therefore DelRey should listen to the pleas of us fans and customers, so HEAR US OUT DELREY DON’T LET US DOWN OF WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF AND DON’T DISAPOINT US ANYMORE PLEASE! SHOW US THAT WE CAN RELY ON YOU OF OUR HOPES AND DESIRES OF WANTING TO READ THE MANGA ‘AVENTURA’ AND ANY OTHER MANGAS THAT YOU’VE LEFT UNPUBLISHED! PLEASE! DO IT FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS, FOR THE FANS WHO HAVE BEEN WAITING ALL THIS TIME AND FOR YOUR COMPANY AS WELL! WE WILL THANK YOU DELREY WHEN YOU HEAR AND FULFILL OUR REQUESTS. THANK YOU FOR READING MY OPINIONS.

  • Sean Seal

    When will Aventura volume 4 and 5 be released? It’s been more than 2 years since the last post and a considerable amount of time since then for any post about the series…

    I read english so with it released translated would be nice and hopefully I can buy it ASAP.

    Thank you, please respond.

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