It’s very fitting that ZOMBIE WEEK (see them gnawing away above?) begins on the same day that we announce the winner of the Star Wars: Death Troopers Fan Video Trailer Contest. I don’t think anyone was surprised that 5ive By 5ive Studios took home the Grand Prize. Everything just worked brilliantly in this video (above), from the miniatures to the standing sets, and the participation of Eddie Dennis and his mocked up zombiefied armor just sealed the deal. Brilliant work. theNonchalantNod will receive a prize package that includes a signed copy of the book from Joe Schreiber as well as a library of Star Wars books. Our four runners up also created fun and exciting videos that we loved. They will also receive signed copies of Star Wars: Death Troopers. Thank you to everyone who participated, either by creating a video or voting for one. It was a fantastic experience and a lot of fun. Joe Schreiber summed it up best, “Every single one of these videos was a dose of zombified fan brilliance. But 5ive by 5ive’s contribution was simply next level — I can’t tell you how many people came up to me while I was on tour and told me that trailer was the first way they got interested in the book. In a word — magic.”
The Force was with all of you.
In other Zombie news, our friends at the Star Wars official fan site have posted a great (and spoiler heavy) interview Bonnie Burton conducted with Joe Schreiber. It’s a great read. Check it out here. And whatever you do, do not click on the blood splatters found throughout the interview. You’ve been warned!
Tauntaun cake.jpg
Finally, it’s not zombie related, but there are still plenty of tasty guts to look at (and taste!). Our good friend, and amazing Star Wars artist, Chris Trevas was married a few weeks ago. There were Stormtrooper ushers and the usual geek accents on hand, but what is quickly making its way through the InterWebs these days is the brilliant grooms cake that Courtney Clark from Cake Nouveau made. Hmmm….all I can think is 1) I hope I meet a cool lady who would let me have a tauntaun guts cake at our wedding and 2) I want the piece with the most guts please!
Congratulations to Chris and Julie! The Force will be with you, always.