365 Days of Manga, Day 61: Words of Devotion


WORDS OF DEVOTION (Ai no Kotodama, “Words of Love”) (????) • Keiko Konno • DMP (2007) • Frontier Works (2000-2004) • 2 volumes • Yaoi • 18+ (language, nudity, graphic sex)
Otani and Tachibana are long-term friends and college roommates. They met and began their love affair in high school, but fear and insecurity have kept them guessing about their own hearts. The first volume deals mainly with their current lives, while the second volume flashes back to their high school days and contains a short story about their friend Sho and his American lover. Otani and Shinya’s relationship is achingly realistic, and it’s a pleasure to get wrapped up in their evolving love. The art is simple, but does a good job conveying they expressions. (Review by Hannah Santiago)
Today’s review is by Hannah Santiago, one of my foremost yaoi reviewers for “365 Days of Manga.” Hannah, thank you for taking some of the Boy’s Love burden off my back in my dark days of total manga engorgement. I like Boy’s Love, but with so many titles coming out every month, it’s nearly impossible for one person to keep up. (But I know you try, some of my readers. I know you try. You know who you are.)
We also have a winner — and that winner is Summer V. of Oregon! Congratulations, Summer! I’ll be sending you a bunch of manga on Monday!