Bitten and Stirred: Top Ten Reasons Why We Love The Vampire Diaries


Because we couldn’t get the cast of New Moon (in theaters November 20th) on Unbound Worlds, we decided to do the next-best thing and devote the next three Mondays to our current, favorite vampires.
Today’s feature is all about The Vampire Diaries. We had to limit ourselves to just 10, but there are endless reasons why we love The Vampire Diaries. Feel free to add your own reasons.
10. It’s on the CW and therefore accessible to those without HBO (sorry, True Blood).
9. It stars improbably beautiful people in high school, who seemingly never attend class.
8. Gotta love the overly-naïve townies who camp out in creepy, mist-ridden woods that are obviously home to vampires.
7. There’s always fog. Everywhere.
(credit: TV Guide)
6. And black ravens.
5. Damon Salvatore: seriously, how many good guys have you met named Damon?
(credit: TV Fanatic)
4. You don’t have to reside in abysmal Forks, Washington in order to live openly as a vampire. You just wear a really cool ring to keep your secret safe.
3. Because we truly believe in Elena and Stefan’s love.
(credit: Unreality Shout)
2. Superhot Stefan Salvatore: Paul Wesley
(credit: Snarky Two-Shoes)
And the #1 reason why we love The Vampire Diaries…
Steamy, vampire-human love connections. Need we say more?