Bitten and Stirred: Top Ten Reasons Why We Love True Blood


Because we couldn’t get the cast of New Moon (in theaters November 20th) on Unbound Worlds, we decided to do the next-best thing and devote the next three Mondays to our current, favorite vampires.
Today’s feature is all about True Blood. Feel free to add your reasons. We had to limit ourselves to 10 but there are endless reasons why we love True Blood.
10. It’s chock-full of supernatural creatures, including, but not limited to: vampires (duh) shape-shifters, maenads, and telepaths.
9. The fabulous Lafayette. LGBT friendly. Only on HBO.
(credit: The Costumer)
8. Gotta love a southern accent, especially on a vampire.
7. Generally, synthetic blood is underused and underrated and it’s an excellent alternative to the ketchup-like crap you usually see on other vampire shows.
(credit: Hollywood Hills)
6. Unlike most shows, season two is actually better than season one.
5. Major cliffhanger endings that make you feel like you’re going to die, literally, if you don’t catch the next episode.
4. We love that Todd Lowe’s prior television role was on Gilmore Girls and now he’s on a bad-ass vampire show on HBO.
(credit: Fandomania)
3. Because we truly believe in Bill and Sookie’s love.
(credit: Bloody Good Horror)
2. Superhot Swede: Alexander Skarsgård.
(credit: Stay Frosty)
And the #1 reason why we love True Blood…
Steamy, vampire-human love connections. Need we say more?

  • J

    the NEXT BEST THING??? oh, NO you didn’t!!! sure, the Twilight books are much, much better than Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series, but True Blood the HBO series far exceeds Twilight the movie.
    especially when pitting Twilight (the 1st movie) against True Blood, the first season. and, if what you say is true, and the second season is much better than the first… (i haven’t seen the 2nd season yet) then there is no contest… Twilight, is definitely second best to True Blood, not the other way around.
    glad you couldn’t get Twilight, because i enjoyed the True Blood post… except for the little slip in the beginning. 😉
    oh. and one more thing. (because i just can’t resist) super hot Swedes trump creepy, sparkly, dramatic, pancake faced emo boys with stupid hair EVERY TIME!
    but that’s just my opinion. 😉

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