The FUNN-e-PAGES: Overcompensating



Overcompensating is a webcomic with a simple yet powerful message that we can all believe in. The message is this: weird and funny stuff happens and people are idiots.

Jeffrey Rowland was first recognized for his work on Wigu, a webcomic about a boy and his family (their last name is Tinkle). But where Wigu is sweet and precocious, Overcompensating is raw and edgy. Did I really just say “raw and edgy”? Well, I stand by it.


Overcompensating is a journal comic with few story arcs longer than four pages. Unlike Dr. McNinja which has come to rely on a degree of continuity, Overcompensating weaves in and out of the timeline, and tends to focus more on quick one-offs than on story. Rowland interweaves his own life with politics, current events, and social satire into a crude but honest comic that often has me in stitches. Rowland is also the founder of, a web-based merchandise company that handles t-shirt sales for a number of webcomics like Questionable Content, Dr. McNinja, and many, many more. As a result Rowland is present in most webcomics circles, leading to many cameos by your favorite webcomic creators.


Apart from Jeffrey himself, regular characters include the usually rational Tallahassee Econolodge, the constantly stoned Weedmaster P, the oft insane Baby Lam, and Joanna the dead, alcoholic cat that Jeffey rescued from the Land of the Dead. Aside from the goofball characters, the best part of this strip is the way that Rowland constantly changes it up. Unlike most comics that adhere to a set number of panels and have a common writing theme in each (for example: set up, joke, silence, punchline) Overcompensating dares to tackle different formats that lend themselves better to the point being made. In this way, Overcompensating feels much more organic and genuine than most comics on the web. And that is refreshing.