365 Days of Manga, Day 88: Truly Kindly


TRULY KINDLY (Honto ni, Yasashi “Truly Kind/Gentle”)?????????? • Fumi Yoshinaga • BLU (2007) • Biblos (1997) • 18+ (nudity, sex)
This grab bag Boy’s Love anthology includes stories set in modern-day Seattle, feudal Japan, and pre-Revolutionary France. However, the settings are less interesting than the plots, which are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and sometimes not really Boy’s Love at all. It’s one of Yoshinaga’s earlier works so some of the plot twists feel arbitrary and her art (always talking heads anyway) is noticeably flat, but the best of the tales are just plain good relationship stories. One of the stories, “A Butler’s Proper Place,” a romance between a butler and his young lord, was later expanded into the companion volume Lovers in the Night.
It’s “Yaoi Weekend” here at 365 Days of Manga, and for your consideration, we have a manga by the always surprising Fumi Yoshinaga. Today’s winner is Pam C. of New Mexico. Congratulations, Pam!