365 Days of Manga, Day 89: Tricky Prince


TRICKY PRINCE (Itazura Ôji, “Tricky/Playful Prince”) ?????) • Yukari Hashida • DMP (2009-ongoing) • Nihon Bungeisha (2006-2008) • 2 volumes • Yaoi • 18+
“Why is this place so full of vile immorality?” frets Eugene Ratcliff, a bespectacled university student in an unnamed (but distinctly British) modern-day European kingdom. As if to justify his complaints, Eugene’s classmates kidnap him and deposit him at a party in drag, where he meets sly young David Bowie lookalike Prince Willis. Thus begins a gleefully silly Cinderella story, as the prince pursues Eugene through graveyards, secret tunnels, and castle towers, trailed all the while by paparazzi. The prince’s scheming older brother Sardony and a handsome soccer star named Derek are thrown in for tension, but there’s never any doubt of the story’s OTP. Hashida plays the material for sexy laughs, freely admitting Prince Willis’s resemblance to the princes of England and Eugene’s to Harry Potter. The writing is, sadly, much better than the art, which suffers from rough, sketchy inking, and there’s no sex or even much eroticism. (Review by Shaenon Garrity)
Today’s “Yaoi Sunday” review is courtesy of the amazing Shaenon Garrity, a superstar among manga reviewers and comickers. And today’s winner is Josh D. of Vermont, who will be receiving a whole bunch of manga as soon as I get back to San Francisco (where my manga awaits) from Seattle on Tuesday! Congratulations, Josh, and please wait a day or two!