365 Days of Manga, Day 96: Waru


WARU (Waru, “Bad”) (?) • Yukari Hashida • DMP (2007) • Ookura Shuppan (2002) • 1 volume • Yaoi, Contemporary • 18+
In order to further shame his father, the lifelong scoundrel Joe abducts the prime minister’s son, Yuushi. After a few pages in which Joe threatens blackmail, bodily harm and rape the plot takes the only turn possible in a Boy’s Love book: the two fall in love and get it on. Surprisingly, despite his girlish looks and doe eyes, Yuushi is also quite cutthroat, forces Joe to become his bodyguard in return for keeping him out of the slammer. Madcap antics ensue. Waru is a strangely enjoyable book, mostly because it refuses to take itself too seriously. Hashida’s inking is loose but confident and her characters are unique and endearingly crude. While the main characters Joe and Yuushi are fun to read about, don’t be surprised if you find yourself more drawn to Joe’s father and his bizarre collection of wigs. (Review by Leia Weathington)
Today’s review is by Leia Weathington, one of the original MtCG writers. And today’s manga winner is… Shauna F. of Oregon! Congratulations, Shauna!
We’ve also gotten a new photo of a winner. Definitely the best thing about getting these photos is seeing the people who are entering the contest and the variety of people who read manga in the U.S. (I don’t just want to see a picture of the manga itself… I already read all the manga I’m giving away, and I know what a bookshelf full of manga looks like… however, a picture of you standing next to the bookshelf wielding your Bleach cosplay katana would be excellent! 😉 ) Anyway, today’s manga photo profile is Helen!
Thanks, Helen! It’s always cool seeing who wins this stuff. These manga are my babies, after all (okay, adopted babies), so I want to know that they are going to a good home.