The FUNN-e-PAGES: Least I Could Do



I won’t lie: this week’s webcomic probably isn’t for everyone. It can be a little crude, relies a bit too much on a guy being a Guy’s Guy, and occasionally seems like it’s attempting to set feminism back two-hundred years.

But Least I Could Do is also funny as hell, with great art to boot.

Let’s start with my biggest “detraction.” When I try to explain to others about the main character, Rayne, this is usually what I end up saying: Imagine if someone was both an alpha geek and an alpha male. That’s right — a comic book reading, 80s toy referencing, fantasy novel loving guy who also constantly has sex with all the most beautiful women he wants…despite being a total douche when picking up said women.

Now, obviously this is pretty much every male geek’s dream (anyone read The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao? It’s like that, except Rayne doesn’t get killed by Trujillo’s goons at any point–although I could see that being a pretty good ending to this strip*), but it does sometimes annoy me that this guy never seems to get his.**

On the other hand, that’s another reason why I love it.

Since so many webcomics feature angsty/indy/intellectual types almost constantly bemoaning their relationship woes and personal troubles, it’s actually refreshing that, with Rayne, there’s always sunshine in the future….


Sorry, couldn’t resist.

So while there’s the ubiquitous referential humor (how about some Terminator/vacuum cleaner jokes),
The Roomba Comic

there’s also a high brilliant levels of absurdity:

ninja babies.gif

And, of course, adult content (no strip for this in the column–it really isn’t that bad, but I figure you could just use the link, if you’re curious).
One thing that I like, too, is that while there are the occasional one-off strips, most of these are funny on their own and as part of a larger story-arc (the second strip shown above has a Peter Falk in The Princess Bride basis).

I think what’s most important is that the strips continually make me laugh, there’s a new comic every day, and I really like Lar DeSouza’s art — it’s cartoony, different from what I’ve seen in other comics, and, I’ll say it, he draws some pretty hot women.

My favorite thing about Least I Could Do is actually their Sunday strips, “Least I Could Do: Beginnings.” Featuring li’l Rayne and drawn in a slightly childish, crayon style, this is the closest I’ve come to feeling like Calvin and Hobbes isn’t gone (a fact that still makes me weep some times). So even if you don’t like the regular strip (which I realize, again, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea), I strongly suggest you check out “Beginnings,” starting here (it’s too big to post here, but you have to trust me: it’s worth it).

*Note: Didn’t expect a Trujillo reference in a column about webcomics, did you? I like to keep you on your toes.

**Note: I’ve actually met Ryan Sohmer, the writer, a few times, and here’s the thing: If there’s someone who might actually be a real-life Rayne, I could actually believe it’s him. But his head’s pretty big to begin with, so don’t tell him I said that–he’ll be insufferable.

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