365 Days of Manga, Day 108: Garden Dreams


GARDEN DREAMS (Kare wa Hanazono de Yume wo Miru, “He Dreams in the Flower Garden”) ??????????) • Fumi Yoshinaga • DMP (2007) • Shinshokan (Wings, 1999) • 1 volume • Historical Drama • 13+
A collection of linked short stories with only mild yaoi elements; you don’t have to be a yaoi fan to enjoy this book. In an undefined medieval English setting, two Eastern bards, Saud and Farhad, arrive at the castle of a lonely baron and his daughter Antiette. A series of stories relates the baron’s tragic past romances, Saud’s penance for the children he lost in war, and Farhad’s eventual succession to the position of the baron’s personal bard and clerk. As always, Yoshinaga draws some of the most handsome men in manga: wide-eyed, tousle-haired boys, older men with thin lips and elegantly careworn faces. The larger story arc has an elegaic tone, with the central focus on the loneliness and deepening friendship between Farhad and the baron. (Review by Shaenon Garrity)
Happy 2010! Today’s winner is Brittany M. of Tennessee (congrats!), and today’s review is by the great Shaenon Garrity. Meanwhile, elsewhere in mangaland, manga readers everywhere are waking up from their New Year’s parties… rubbing the sleep out of their eyes, trying to remember what they did last night… waking up to discover…
Oh man! I was partying with You Higuri?!?! At least I didn’t wake up with Gakuen Heaven! Actually, this is the manga winner from 18 days ago, the amazing Cassandra! Thanks for sending us your photo, Cassandra, and I hope you enjoy your new manga! The post offices are closed today but on Monday morning I’ll be headed out to deliver a ton of manga to you. See you all soon!