365 Days of Manga, Day 110: Meeting You


MEETING YOU (Kimi ni Ai iku, “Meeting You”) ????????) • Mio Tennohji • 801 Media (2008) • Core Magazine (2004) • 1 volume • Yaoi • 18+
At a typical yaoi boys’ school, shy Touru confesses his feelings to outgoing, bisexual Himeshiro. Himeshiro puts Touru through a series of humiliating sexual tests, starting with forcing him to perform phone sex and upping the ante with each encounter. Touru pathetically complies with Himeshiro’s every raunchy demand, sobbing, “I don’t want you to hate me…” Eventually his spineless devotion wins Himeshiro’s heart and they become the perfect couple, as can only happen in yaoi. The volume also includes two bonus stories, neither of which is especially compelling. Tennohji’s art is poor, with ugly faces, badly proportioned bodies, and nondescript backgrounds. (Review by Shaenon Garrity)
Today’s yaoi review is by the amazing Shaenon Garrity, one of my best friends and a super manga expert. Shaenon willingly read tons and tons of yaoi for Manga: The Complete Guide. And today’s winner is… Lindsay C. of Florida!! Congratulations, Lindsay!