365 Days of Manga, Day 143: My-Hime


MY-HIME (Mai-HiME, “Dancing Girl/My Princess”) ??-HiME) • Noboru Kimura (story), Sato Ken-etsu (art) • TokyoPop (2006-2008) • Akita Shoten (Weekly Shônen Champion, 2004-2005) • Shônen Sci-Fi Battle • 18+ (language, graphic violence, nudity, sexual situations)
Adaptation of the anime series. Yuuichi transfers to a special school where certain girls possess an awesome power: the ability to summon a “child,” a big mechanical monster, when in the presence of the right boy, called the “key.” Yuuichi turns out to be the “key” of not one but two hime girls, Mai and Natsuki, who bicker over him in endless superpowered catfights. Sloppily drawn and crammed with too many female characters to keep track of, My-Hime–hime is Japanese for “princess” but here stands for “Highly Advanced Materializing Equipment”–is a tedious manga adaptation of a cynical “high-concept” anime, mixing “harem” romantic comedies and battle manga about people who team up with mecha or monsters. Characters we don’t care about fight one another, make passes at Yuuichi and tear up the landscape, leading up to an incoherent climactic fight with the aliens from the “Princess Star” which is the origin of the himes. The books are padded out with interviews with the anime staff, one of whom tells the reader “Reading My-Hime isn’t enough, so go for the anime, the figures, and radio and become a My-Hime Ph.D!” The worst feature of the art is the slack-jawed inexpressive faces.
Today’s winner is Tracy C. of Illinois! If you’ve seen this review online before, that’s because it was already loaned out to Erica Friedman of the great manga site okazu.blogspot.com. Erica posted it as an example of one of the worst manga that I (or she) had ever read.
One of our previous winners, Jared B., sent in this photo of himself with the manga he won. Thanks for sending your photo, Jared! I’ll be sending you some more books right away!