365 Days of Manga, Day 160: Strawberry Panic!


STRAWBERRY PANIC (Strawberry Panic!)?????????????? • Sakurako Kimino (story), Namuchi Takumi (art) • Seven Seas Entertainment (2007-2008) • MediaWorks (Dengeki G’s Magazine, 2005-2007) • 2 volumes, suspended • Yuri Romance • 16+ (frequent sexual situations)
Kimino’s light novels, on which this manga is based, are essentially a more explicit version of Maria-sama ga Miteru (“Lady Mary is Watching”), the Catholic-schoolgirls-in-love novels that started the modern yuri trend. Aoi Nagisa has hardly transferred to St. Miator Girls’ Academy when she attracts the attention of the tall gorgeous heartbreaker Shizuma. “There must be someone who can fill this void deep in my heart,” muses Shizuma, before sweeping Aoi up into her arms; turns out the entire school is divided up into petite, cute uke girls (like Aoi) and tall seme girls (like Shizuma) who pursue them. Strawberry Panic is a nearly plotless cascade of girl-girl finger-licking, face-stroking, boob-grabbing and suggestive dialogue. The all-girl art is very slick and pretty in an anime style, but in keeping with the general “only the good parts” feeling of the manga, everything seems rushed, and it is difficult to keep track of the characters and plot…wait, what plot? Who cares? Where’s the Kleenex? The manga is on indefinite hold in Japan, reportedly due to the artist’s personal problems.
A shocking, Sapphic manga review. A seemingly ordinary Monday. And a new set of manga for… KYLE N.
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