Cage Match 2010–It’s coming!



Regrettably, it probably won’t include Blade slicing Edward open…or will it?

For almost a year now, I (@DelReySpectra on Twitter) have been posing the question: whose butt would be kicked by whom?

Granted, I hopefully posed it a bit better than that, but ultimately what came from it was a series of fun discussions called #fantfight (for those of you who aren’t familiar with Twitter, the “#” allows you to search for past posts).

Spirited debate ensued as me and my Twitter followers tried to determine just who exactly would win in a match between important pop-culture and literary figures such as the Gummi Bears versus the Care Bears (Gummi Bears), or James Bond versus Jason Bourne (Bourne).

Ultimately, my colleague Kaitlin realized that as fun as it is to do on Twitter, shouldn’t we allow everyone to participate?

I said “I like everyone.”

And so we’re now bringing fantfight to the Big Time with the cleverly-named CAGE MATCH 2010.

Coming March 1st, be prepared for a geek’s version of March Madness on Unbound Worlds.

You’ve been warned!

Picture courtesy of RaeveN’s Nest