The FUNN-e-PAGES: Amazing Super Powers



Amazing Super Powers: The possibilities are endless. The actualities, however, are not.

There is a site, deep within the interwebs, where three-fingered humanoids frolic in a sea of puns, irony, and violent humor. This magical realm is better known as Amazing Super Powers, a webcomic by the enigmatic Wes and Tony. Updating fairly frequently since 2007, ASP has a decent archive of funny and ironic one-offs featuring homicidal goldfish, drugged-out bears, wacky cops, and all sorts of other crazy characters.

There are several recurring characters, but most of the strips are one-offs without an obvious punch-line. Some are laugh-out-loud funny, some are quirky and are worth a chuckle, but sometimes the jokes are a bit of a reach and leave you with a dissatisfying “heh.” Wes and Tony do have a talent for thinking of outrageous ideas, but sometimes they come across as “you had to be there” jokes. Fans of Thingpart, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and Perry Bible Fellowship will find, in ASP, a comic that entertains thoroughly.

Though one can see (especially early on in the life of the comic) how Wes and Tony have drawn upon Perry Bible Fellowship especially, it should be noted that ASP has evolved past some simple tribute to a beast of its own kind. The art is different, to say the least, emphasizing facial expressions on its three-fingered protagonists, and definitely more slapstick than PBF. So too has the writing evolved to its own brand of ironic pun humor, effectively moving beyond its peers into a place all its own. Though not perfect, Amazing Super Powers is a fantastic little comic that continues to improve with each strip.