Sweepstakes: Unbound Worlds’s Paranormal Roundtable “Sign-up to Win”


That’s right, not only are we going to give you the opportunity to sit in on an author roundtable featuring several exciting authors in the field, but we’re also going to give one lucky person the latest and greatest title from each author slated to appear in the discussion.
How do I enter?!
Easy! All you have to do is sign up for an email reminder before the chat begins. You can do that by using the widgets in our reminder posts (they’re front and center in the post itself): here or here.
You can even use the chat window here, if you so choose.
What could I win?
Everything in that picture above, which is to say, the newest books out from each author set to appear in the chat. So, that includes:

• one copy of Men of the Underworld by Kelley Armstrong
• one copy of Blood of the Demon by Diana Rowland
• one copy of The Devil’s Playground by Jenna Black
• one copy of Spellbent by Lucy A. Snyder
• one copy of Night Tides by Alex Prentiss
• one copy of Mind Games by Carolyn Crane

Any Fine Print?
Yup, with all apologies to our friends and readers outside the United States, this sweepstakes is open to US residents only. But don’t let your geographic location stop you from signing up for an email reminder!
Also, you’ll have to be at least 18 years old by today to be eligible.
For more rules, regulations and such, please see the legal framework for this sweepstakes: Unbound Worlds’s Paranormal Roundtable Sweepstakes Rules.
I see… So if I enter and win, when do I receive my bounty?
Great question! Because some of these books will be published next month, we’re going to wait and send them all out at the same time in one big book-spolsion! That means you’ll get the satisfaction of winning this month, and the payoff by late next month (at earliest and depending on shipping route, which we have no control over*).
Excellent! I’m ready to enter!
Great! You’ve got links to the sign-up areas above, so have at ’em and good luck! We’ll see you at the Paranormal Roundtable on Febuary 17 (4PM EST).

*And if we did, we’d probably rule the galaxy by now. Don’t laugh, you know it’s true.