Cage Match 2010, Round 1: 5) Rand Al’Thor vs. 28) Locke Lamora


The Contestants

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Rand al’Thor
The Dragon Reborn
Age: 20s
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Callandor
Special Attack: Channeling world destructive amounts of the One Power

Locke Lamora
Garrista of the Gentleman Bastards
Age: Mid-20s
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Razor sharp wit
Special Attack: Lying convincingly

The Breakdown


  • Trained to the hilt in swordsmanship–is an unofficial blademaster
  • Can channel enough One Power to end all life
  • Has an indestructible sword so powerful it drives it’s users mad

  • Could con you into buying the teeth in your own mouth
  • Knows multiple languages and can assume any conceivable personality/role
  • Unparalleled thief

  • Mentally and emotionally unstable–a voice in his head occasionally takes control over him
  • Has two wounds that will never heal and lost his left hand in a battle

  • No magic powers or crazy weapons/artifacts
  • Is at his best when using his words

  • N/A

  • N/A

How we think the fight will go

Locke disguises himself as Rand’s best friend Perrin and spends a few days with Rand, waiting for the right moment to strike. Unfortunately, Locke’s thieving instincts get the better of him and he tries to sell Rand a fake Angreal. Rand immediately senses the deception and becomes enraged. He begins to weave Arrows of Fire at Locke. However, his implacable anger momentarily allows the voice in his head to take over and begin to channel enough One Power to destroy everything, including himself. Locke, sensing an opportunity, rushes at Rand while drawing a hidden knife from his boot, but he has one thing going against him: he’s not Rand al’Thor. Rand regains control over his mind just in time to weave Balefire at Locke, erasing him from existence.

Or so Locke would have you believe…

No, really, he’s wiped from existence.

Predicted Winner: Rand al’Thor

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Rand al’Thor is a character from Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series; Locke Lamora is a character from Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastards series

Rand al’Thor image courtesy of Wizards of the Coast. Locke Lamora image courtesy of Spectra Books

  • Mike

    If ever there was a time to fully describe a fight, the local scenery, smells, etc., this would be it. And before Rand dies, unless he wins, there must be a smoothing of dresses, or a certain someone’s pulling of her own hair. 🙂

  • Jim

    Forget Locke – throw in Jean and the Sisters

  • dpomerico

    Jean might have been the more interesting choice, you’re right. But it’s hard to discount the titular character, especially since he has an uncanny knack for survival.

  • Lichschool

    Locke has a better chance than Jean. He’s the better false-facer of the two, and I disagree with the result and most of the voters so far. Locke is WAAAAAY too smart for Rand. Give Locke a year to plan and Rand would be weeping in his small-clothes.

  • “Locke is WAAAAAY too smart for Rand. Give Locke a year to plan and Rand would be weeping in his small-clothes.”
    Exactly. Shoot, give LL 24 hours!

  • Ganieda

    C’mon! Locke would suss out Rand’s emotional/psychological Issues in under three minutes, and use them to play the guy like a ten cent kazoo. No contest.
    Or he could just stall until the cavalry arrives. “Wait..til…Jean comes!”

  • Ice and Fire

    Come on, Rand has battled and killed many enemies, including some of the most powerful handlers of the one power and he can use Balefire. There isn’t much that can take on Balefire, and everything it touches is just blinked out of existence. The match definitely goes to the Dragon Reborn.

  • BMannion

    Not to mention… Rand and Lews are one person now after the end of the last book. He has the experiences of more than one lifetime not to mention the power to literally rip apart reality.

  • Ice and Fire

    I only just got done reading the 6th book, now I’m kind of sad that I know he loses a hand and becomes one with Lews. Oh well, I hope Rand goes all the way.

  • dpomerico

    Locke might con Rand, but he wouldn’t defeat him. And once Rand found out he was conned, he’d be pissed…

  • Tyler Golec

    To all who thought Rand would lose even if LL made use of all of Rands emotion issues theres still the problem of killing him. When you play with someones emotions there likly to get pissed off and ass 12 books have shown us, people who piss off the dragon reborn dont tend to live very long. Plus he even has the true source at his disposal as of the last book. And Rand donst become one with LT he just gets all his memories. Hes still Rand.

  • blademaster

    I thought Rand was an official blade-master, since he defeated one in battle.

  • dyoo

    Rand was never formally made a blade-master though you’re right, he did defeat one in battle.
    @Ice and Fire
    Sorry for the spoilers. It’s difficult to stage these cage matches when you have characters that undergo big changes throughout on-going series like WoT. Early Rand is far different from current Rand. It seemed to make the most sense to use Rand as he is now, rather than any other version of him.
    In general, Rand seems pretty hard to beat, (One Power and Balefire notwithstanding, the guy is deadly with a blade), but while Locke’s strength is non-martial, he also has an uncanny ability to survive horrible situations, like being matched up against the Dragon Reborn. That being said, the only way Locke wins is if he kills Rand in his sleep because no matter what disguise or con Locke uses, if Rand (or LT for that matter) is conscious, he will eliminate Locke the moment he figures Locke to be an enemy.

  • Carolyn

    I love Locke, and I’d place good odds that if this were a game of cat & mouse, with each combatant seeking out the other in a crowded city in an attempt to assassinate each other – well Locke’d have that hands down, no question. But this is a cage match. And throw Locke in a cage with the Dragon Reborn and you have a Dead Locke. Which is a crying shame.
    (But I voted Locke anyway, because Rand’s a whiny headcase. Go Locke!)

  • AHEM

    Even if Locke was given a year to plan, he would still lose. Rand’s body is protected by weaves strong enough to withstand the equivalent of a nuclear blast(Channeling attacks that can wipe out entire cities), is immune to telepathy, has enough power to shatter the entire world like an eggshell, and can project balefire.
    What makes it really bad for Locke is that Rand is an extreme multitasker. He can literally maintain over a dozen weaves of the One Power(or the True Power) at once, directing them all at the speed of thought. The moment this fight begins, the air around Locke will harden until he cannot move, the space where he stands in will be ripped to shreds, a beam of unstoppable anti-creation will blast into him, a nuclear force explosion will appear inside his skull, and Rand will be preparing a dozen more weaves to launch if Locke somehow survives that.
    No contest. The Dragon Reborn takes this hands down.

  • Bill

    The Dragon Reborn burns the ‘Gentleman’ from the fabric of reality while eating trolloc soufle and ‘dancing the spears’ with his newest honey.

  • Lochlan

    I voted for Rand, but I think there is one situation in which Locke could win, maybe. If he disguised himself as a woman, Rand wouldn’t be able to kill him, even after knowing he’s an enemy.

  • Quibby

    I’ve gotta go with Rand for one reason *SPOILER WARNING*
    “How do you fight someone smarter than yourself?” Rand whispered. “The answer is simple. You make [them] think that you are sitting down across the table from [them], ready to play her game. Then you punch [them] in the face as hard as you can.”
    Rand is no Locke Lamora, but he’s proven himself to be clever enough to fight with his mind as well as his power.

  • Trobaritz

    A lot of these arguments seem to presuppose that Locek has nothing going for him /but/ his brains. He may not have the Big Sword of Doom, but in addition to the previously mentioned uncanny knack for survival, he’s perfectly capable of fighting…and of fighting really, really dirty.
    So he wouldn’t have to bring an elaborate con into a cage match, just a small enough con to give him the chance to…well…roll initiative, shall we say.

  • Hunter

    Locke might be smarter than Rand but not Lews Therin Telemon. He has all those old memories to pull from. Plus growing up with Mat Cauthon was basically the perfect training to deal with Locke.

  • Gust

    Rand al’Thor is a massive Mary Sue. If it’s a cage match, he wins. If it’s a long-term elaborately planned plot, not so.
    But this is a cage match.
    Still not voting for him ’cause I refuse to vote for anything Wheel of Time ever again after all the years I wasted on it just to see shit not going anywhere ever.

  • RJNibbler

    Brains win. Locke would own Rand al’Thor. Rand is mad and Locke a true bastard ready to exploite any weakness. It’s no contest – Rand can win against big things that attack and are straightforward to deal with. But don’t ask him to deal with a smart opponent. Not at this time (when he’s lost it). Early Rand, maybe. This Rand, no. Of course, this is a popularity contest and he will ultimately win. But he would not really beat Locke.

  • RJNibbler

    Brains win. Locke would own Rand al’Thor. Rand is mad and Locke a true bastard ready to exploite any weakness. It’s no contest – Rand can win against big things that attack and are straightforward to deal with. But don’t ask him to deal with a smart opponent. Not at this time (when he’s lost it). Early Rand, maybe. This Rand, no. Of course, this is a popularity contest and he will ultimately win. But he would not really beat Locke.

  • Hobbes

    Rand is not an unofficial blademaster he killed another blademaster meaning he is one. I mean just saying.

  • positronics

    Rand would win, no question. To think that Locke would has a chance is deluding yourself. Locke is clever, yes… but Rand was designed by the Creator of the universe to face down the apocalypse – he is the strongest channeler to perhaps ever exist, has the power to cause megatons worth of damage instantaneously, as well as shield himself from any sort of danger that can be presented by a normal human being.
    He once sensed a crossbow bolt being shot at him from a faraway rooftop and halted it in midair… even poison I don’t consider viable due to Asmodean’s teaching and LTT’s knowledge. Even if the poison somehow went around cleansing weaves, he could wipe Locke from existence with Balefire large enough to make his actions of the previous days null.
    On top of it all, Rand is the most powerful Ta’veren alive, perhaps that ever lived, meaning life-threatening events tend to work out in his favor, however improbable.
    Realistically, I don’t see anyone on this list beating Rand. He was designed by the Creator to kill a god.

  • Lies and Perfidy

    I feel as if the fight summary was written by someone who hasn’t actually read Lies of Locke Lamora; just a short synopsis. Not even necessarily to argue “OMG LOCKE WOULD SO WIN” or the like; just that you can basically replace Locke’s name in that paragraph with “Generic Roguish Character #624” and lose absolutely nothing.
    Disappointing, really, considering how awesome some of the other ones were. 😉

  • Azrof

    Rand. Nuff said.

  • Ethan Kincaid

    Brains VS magical nuclear bomb. … sorry dude, Rand wins. I don’t care how cunning you are.

  • Sandor

    “you can basically replace Locke’s name in that paragraph with “Generic Roguish Character #624″ and lose absolutely nothing.”
    That’s because Locke is, indeed, a Generic Roguish Character. That series offers nothing beyond stereotype, not even moderately good writing, even though it’s been heralded like the best ever. Both of these series of books are so terrible they read like a personal insult, but if I had to choose the lesser of two evils, I’d choose Wheel of Time. At least I’m content that whoever wins this battle will get an overdose of muscular barbarian.

  • Snick Snack Snorum

    Yes, and Rand is the Generic Farmboy Turned All-Powerful Sorcerer. You can insult Locke Lamora all you want, but The Wheel of Time is equally flawed, if not more so. Don’t even try to deny it. There are too many crappy books in that series.
    Still, Rand will win every match he faces until he faces a female character. Then he’s a goner.

  • steven page-winn

    not officialy a blademaster nobody witnissed the fight

  • Yizun

    Rand would win this fight and (should) win any other fight hands down. Personally i do not see why people think he is stupid. He is anything but. He was raised as a shepherd, but by a brilliant man. Plus he has years of experience fighting wars, and you cant fight and win wars with a stupid general. Plus he also has the kinda kill all technique Balefire. Anything it touches no longer exist before it was touched by the Balefire… A conundrum yes but a hands down fight winner

  • bigbadjon

    Just my 2 cents but didn’t Lan his trainer in WoT tell Rand he was a blademaster? I’m pretty positive he said, whether it was witnessed or not, he earned the title of blademaster. Again, whether or not he or anyone else for that matter agrees. Plain and simple.. Just give the lunatic a sword and see what he does with it. He is a TOP swordsman, channeler, and not to mention has the memories, paranoia, and extreme emotional management issues capable of levelling the entire universe.. Sorry, but I don’t even see the Creator himself standing up to Rand al’Thor.. Even if he/she WANTED to… I love Locke, but nothing can withstand that by themselves. Like taking on an entire nation by yourself… Jeez.. Sorry, but it’s Rand all the way.

  • drakey

    Umm, from what I can tell, Rand = Lews Therin. They are the same person, as of book 12. So now he remembers everything and would probably win. His issues have been mostly resolved by now.

  • Hanz

    Bale fire for the win

  • Don’t forget about the fact that Rand is quiet possibly the most powerful Ta’veren to ever live. Chance will bend in a way to benefit the Dragon Reborn even when he may be outmatched (which is usually never, btw).

  • random person

    possible spoilers ahead:
    “Mentally and emotionally unstable—a voice in his head occasionally takes control over him”
    if you keep that please allow the choedan kal instead of callandor as its obviously pre veins of gold

  • yar

    At the end of book 12, Rand becomes one with Lews Therin “they were never two people”… So he doesn’t have the voice-in-the-head control issues anymore. Agreeing with the previous commenter – if you’re giving him the voice in the head, he should also still have Choden Kal… though then the matchups would be over, since the Choden Kal is powerful enough to destroy reality and unravel time itself… he could have cracked the earth into a million pieces with a single thought – he was able to sense every beating heart on the planet and knew he could stop each one with one stretch of his mind.
    With Choden Kal, Rand still may die, but so would whatever else that exists.

  • bunchdan

    actually lord turaks so’jihn was present when rand killed him

  • random person

    ” actually lord turaks so’jihn was present when rand killed him ”
    and then committed suicide yay
    besides who cares how he’s called. You think that his abilities to fight are smaller just because he’s no Blademaster?
    PS: Go, Rand go, kill Conan, Go, Rand go

  • kheller

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