Cage Match 2010, Round 1: 7) Temeraire versus 26) Haplo



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Celestial Dragon
Age: 5
Race: Celestial dragon
Weapons / Artifacts: Talons, teeth
Special Attack: The divine wind

Labyrinth Survivor
Age: Twenty-something (in Labyrinth years)
Race: Patryn
Weapons / Artifacts: Dog
Special Attack: Can command magic by drawing runes in the air

  • Can hover in flight. Did you get that? Can fly.
  • Ability to learn languages quickly
  • Is large enough to carry a crew of dozens

  • His dog can detect evil
  • Has the backing of the powerful Lord Xar, who helped him escape the Labyrinth
  • Is dedicated, almost single-minded in purpose

  • Will risk anything to protect his captain, Will Laurence

  • Young, idealistic, and naive
How we think the fight will go

Haplo emerges from the Death Gate into Napoleonic-era England with great puzzlement, unsure of where he is but on high alert for the “gods” he has been told to seek out. At first he and Temeraire find common ground: both have felt the burden of enslavement at the hands of powerful overlords. Haplo, seeing that Temeraire is willing to fight for his warlord masters when Will Laurence directs him to do so, decides that Laurence must be the problem, and lays him out with a simple spell. Convinced that his beloved captain is dead, Temeraire lets loose with the divine wind, blowing Haplo into the middle of next week. While Haplo is still reeling from concussive injuries, Temeraire catches him up in his claws and flies out over the British Channel, looking for a nice drop site.

Predicted Winner: Temeraire

(Temeraire is a character from Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series; Haplo is a character from the Death Gate Cycle series by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.)

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