Countdown to Worldwide D&D Game Day, Day Two: True Dungeon


Going to Gen Con Indy this year? Yes? Then you’ve got to check out True Dungeon, a life-size dungeon crawl experience sponsored by Wizards of the Coast.

It’s a two hour walk-through dungeon where players solve puzzles, defeat monsters and find treasure as they complete their quest. 

Gen Con owner Peter Adkinson said, “Simply put, True Dungeon is the coolest event in the gaming universe. It’s the largest event at Gen Con, in fact it’s so big that Gen Con has to open registration for it separate from the rest of the event listing or the system crashes. It’s so cool it has its own line of merchandise that is traded on the secondary market like collectibles. It must be seen to be believed! I am very proud to have True Dungeon as the Gen Con centerpiece.”

Check out the video below: