The apocalypse is coming! What form will it take and how will you survive the catastrophe? Read the scenarios and vote on how you would survive!
Social networking is great for posting last night’s pictures, keeping tabs on old friends, or promoting your latest accomplishment (and stalking that ex boyfriend’s ugly new girlfriend). Sounds like a completely innocent endeavor, right? Well do you ever notice how the ads eerily reflect exactly what you’re thinking? What about that new application that will allow you to see who has been looking your profile? Whatever happened to private stalking? Is anything sacred anymore?
That’s just the beginning! You know that scene in The Dark Knight where Christian Bale turns every cell phone in Gotham into a microphone? Remember how Morgan Freeman is wigged out by this? It’s because that is creepy. What’s to stop some evil criminal mastermind from transmitting a brainwashing signal through our cell phones, or embedding a mind-controlling device into our cell phone ringers? You think it’s great to have a bunch of friends on Latitude–it’s just another way of social networking, right? No. That means someone can know where you are at all times. Your secrets aren’t safe on Facebook, your location is less than private on Latitude. On-line dating? Just an organized catalogue for ripe with information for someone to learn the keys to your heart, and then in an ironic and heartbreaking turn of events leave you poor, stranded, or worse–brainwashed.
Ways to avoid this:
1. Remain friendless.
2. Dig out your rotary phone and letter opener. Throw away Blackberry and Macbook.
3. Stay off the grid entirely, stock up on weapons to battle the machines.
4. Become a fan of Spectra Pulse on Facebook. Get on the winning side of this war.
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