25 Years of Spectra: FOOL’S ERRAND (2002) by Robin Hobb


This is the third Robin Hobb title on this list, which is testament to not only how much we love Robin, but how enduring her books have been as far as you, the readers are concerned. Having already discussed The Farseer trilogy and Liveship Traders series, we now move on to the first book of the Tawny Man series, Fool’s Errand.
Once again, here’s Robin to discuss the novel.

“I was midway through writing Ship of Magic when I realized that I was having a problem. I’d firmly and publicly declared that Assassin’s Quest was the end of Fitz’s tale. I was happy with how I’d ended it. So why couldn’t I get his voice out of my head? I caught myself writing email in Fitz’s voice and even reminder notes to myself. I finally decided that the best way to clear him out of my mind was to write one more chapter in his story, not for publication, just for myself, that would show me how peaceful and even boring his life had become. Forty pages later, I knew I was in trouble! The hardest part of it was setting those pages aside while I finished with Malta and Reyn and Althea and Brashen in the Liveship Traders. Then those forty pages, virtually untouched, became the first chapter in Fool’s Errand, book one of The Tawny Man Trilogy.”

–Robin Hobb, June 2010


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