25 Years of Spectra: Thoughts on Magician: Apprentice


Feist-- Magician--Apprentice.JPG
Hello, I’m David Yoo, a member of the editorial team at Del Rey. I’ve always had an obsessive need to keep my books in pristine condition. My paperbacks are free of creases on their spines and there’s nary a cheeto stain on any pages of my books. My obsession even extended to textbooks. I never highlighted a single line or wrote a note in any margins (that didn’t work out so well for me in college, but at least my books looked good).
For the most part, my bookshelves are full of books that appear to have never been read. However, I do have a small handful of books that show some wear. Magician: Apprentice is one of the first books I ever creased, tore, stained, and once almost set on fire (reading in front of a fireplace in the winter sounds cozy, but an errant spark can do terrific damage to paper products).
To be clear, I treated Magician: Apprentice with the same care and respect I gave all my other books. However, over the course of time, if you read a book over and over and over, it eventually succumbs to accidents and unavoidable wear. I read and reread all the books in the Riftwar Saga until they all appeared to have been severely abused by someone who hates books.
The worlds that Feist created in the Riftwar Saga have remarkable depth and the characters are so likeable and intriguing, it’s simply not possible to read the books just once. I blame Pug, Tomas, Macros, Arutha, Martin and a whole host of Tsurani for the creases, rips, and char marks on my copy of Magician: Apprentice. If they had been just a bit less interesting, my book would be in much better shape, looking as if it had never been read.
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