365 Days of Manga, Day 250: Guardian Hearts


With its pink cover, Guardian Hearts looks like a children’s manga on the outside, but on the inside, it’s a harem manga with countless flipped skirts and way-too-tight panties. The plot involves Hina, an alien superhero sent to earth to protect humanity, who incompetently reveals her secret identity and ends up living together with Kazuya, a teenage guy. A bunch of other alien girls soon join them–a space ninja, a magical princess girl, a miko girl, and a baby cat-girl who speaks in antiquated formal dialect. Rather refreshingly, Kazuya doesn’t seem too panicked at the thought of being surrounded by all these women. In fact, he’s barely on screen at all, and most of the manga consists of pin-up shots of the girls, together with a few hit-and-miss jokes. Guardian Hearts is so bad, and so plotless, that at times it seems like almost like a parody of horrible love-com manga. It avoids being too mushy simply by the fact that almost nothing happens; you can’t have a clichéd heartfelt moment if you can’t even keep it together long enough to build up to one. However, the main thing that stands out is the terrible artwork with its doll-like, childish character designs. It’s almost impossible to tell what’s going on because the art is so crude that you never see more than six square inches of a character’s body at once, unless it’s a girl flashing her crotch.
1/2 (half a star)
Today’s winner is Lorena R. of California — congratulations, Lorena! It’s the epic episode 250 of 365 Days of Manga!
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