25 Years of Spectra: How Is This My Job?



I wanted to just say what a privilege it’s been to present these books to you over the past month.

I started with Spectra a little over two years ago, and every time I look at our bookshelves, I’m pretty much overwhelmed by the publishing history of this imprint–and the fact that I get to be a part of it.

Anne’s post probably articulates it’s much better than mine, but it really is amazing to realize that our job consists of reading books, developing authors and stories, and then talking about them to you, the readers.

Again–someone actually pays us to do this!

So, here’s to a great 25 years. Hopefully I’ll be talking about one of the books I worked on in 2035!

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And, as always:

Happy Reading!

–DP, Assistant Editor, Spectra

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