CC Interview: Brandon Sanderson


sanderson-wayBrandon Sanderson has become one of the most recognized names in fantasy.

It didn’t happen overnight. With his own work as well as the task of completing the final volumes in the Wheel of Time series, Brandon keeps a rigorous schedule. I swear, from reading his Facebook posts, the man never stops working. He is a machine. Fans and other authors respect that of a young author. He also loves talking with his fans—whether it be online or in the real world—and he makes every effort to give of his time, his expertise, and his geekiness.

Therefore, Comic Con is a perfect venue for him.

I had the chance to interview Brandon at the Tor Books Comic Con booth. I wasn’t interested in his efforts to bring the Wheel of Time to its final climax. Those questions will come later. No, I was far more interested in The Way of Kings, Brandon’s huge sprawling epic that will publish late next month.

Here is my Comic Con interview with Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson talks The Way of Kings – Part I of II

Brandon Sanderson talks The Way of Kings – Part II of II

More interviews coming soon from Comic Con!

Stay tuned!