CC Interview: Scott Westerfeld & Keith Thompson


westerfeld-behemothScott Westerfeld is, quite simply, one of the nicest authors I’ve met.

He is also one of the most talented young adult writers going.

How do you tell a great young adult writer? He/She astounds the young adults and the adults alike! It takes brave ability and style to write a book that both age levels enjoy, but Scott has done it with Leviathan, the first book of three in his newest series.

Throw in talented artist Keith Thompson, the man responsible for the fantabulous artwork within Leviathan and the forthcoming Behemoth, and I simply had to interview both.

We left the busy convention in favor of the quieter environment at the Hilton Bayfront hotel. Finding a relatively secluded table, we discussed Leviathan, how it came into being, how Keith Thompson came to contribute artwork to the book, and how both feed off of the other in bringing this story set in WWI to life.

Three part interview follows:

Scott Westerfeld & Keith Thompson (Part I of III)

Scott Westerfeld & Keith Thompson (Part II of III)

Scott Westerfeld & Keith Thompson (Part III of III)

It was great fun interviewing Scott and Keith. I find it fascinating how they feed off the other’s work.

For more information on both of these gentlemen, visit Scott at his great website and visit Keith at his gorgeous website!

More Comic Con goodness soon!

Stay tuned!