Don’t Miss ALLIES: The Latest Book in the Fate of the Jedi Series


What began as a quest for truth has become a struggle for survival for Luke Skywalker and his son, Ben. They have used the secrets of the Mindwalkers to transcend their own bodies and speak with the spirits of the fallen, risking their very lives in the process. They have faced a team of Sith assassins and beaten the odds to destroy them. And now the death squad’s sole survivor, Sith apprentice Vestara Khai, has summoned an entire fleet of Sith frigates to engage the embattled father and son. But the dark warriors come bearing a surprising proposition that will bring Jedi and Sith together in an unprecedented alliance against an evil more ancient and alien than they can imagine.

  • SJ24

    I have not read any of the SW books beyond the 7th LOTF one, but I have to be perfectly honest here. I used to absolutely love the Expanded Universe, but since the start of the NJO series, it has been just one gigantic train wreck after another. The stories are utter crap! And they have done little but mutilate characters whom I used to love. I adored the Solo kids, but now both boys are dead, and don’t get me started on how much of a whiny little bitch Jaina has become. And what the hell were these idiots thinking when they decided to kill off Mara Jade?
    For the love of all that is holy, avoid these novels at all costs!

  • Jax_Cigar_Smkr


    Obviously you have better insight to how George Lucas wanted to create this universe. Please, stop complaining, enjoy the story, its not up to you how it turns out. There are tons of fan fic that you could write correcting these obvious errors on the Lucas book’s parts. Do that, don’t just critique it and hid behind your key board in the process.

    @ Lucas Books. Great series, love the book. Apparently I have no preconceived notions on how you need to develop characters and story lines. Perhaps that is why I don’t write for you. Please excuse the fandom that thinks they can do it better…. obviously, they have proven this at least in speech.

  • Mickey Thompson

    I have to say how disappointed I am with this book. We can debate the content and whether or not we like the story, but there is no excuse for the typographical errors and the disjointed story told in Ms. Golden’s book. Ms. Golden I am sure is a fine writer, but her lack of experience in the Star Wars Universe is more than evident in her entries in the series.

    Del Rey: Please do the following:
    1. No more 9 part series. Trilogies are fine.
    2. No more using three authors. It’s nonsense. There is no continuity in the writings and each has their own style that caters to some characters and ignores others. How often do we need to hear Jaina identified as the “sword of the Jedi.” We get it. You are the sword of the Jedi.
    3. Star Wars politics are vapid and banal. We don’t need courtroom dramas/political debates/holonet broadcasts. When these things occur, I hear the screaching of car brakes in my head.
    4. Bring Chewbacca back. Just kidding.

  • Karen S

    I agree witih SJ24. I think it was Karen Travis that killed off both Solo boys and Mara Jade. She ruined the Star Wars books for me. I only read the first and last book of those long series now. They are way too long and always include 1 or 2 expensive hard covers. I go to Barnes and Noble to skim through those,

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