Dragon Week: A tiny original dragon story by Naomi Novik


I have only recently become acquainted with the concept of drabbles: stories of exactly 100 words, conceived as a test of the author’s skill in expressing motivation and action in extremely abbreviated form. (Maybe an challenge well suited to Twitterers?) Naomi Novik, author of the Temeraire series, recently made herself available to her fans for a drabble challenge. She says,
“I invited prompts on Twitter from readers, and @Ghislaine_l submitted Iskierka + poetry. This drabble is set shortly after the end of Victory of Eagles, after Iskierka has pursued Temeraire and joined the Allegiance on the route to Australia.”
“That is quite enough,” Iskierka said, venting steam from her spikes in irritation. She was equally bored–not even another ship in three weeks now–but there was nothing of interest in some fellow who was astonished it should have snowed, in winter.
“It is a very famous poem!” Temeraire said. “And the language is particularly simple, so if you should only pay attention–”
“It is a very boring poem,” Iskierka said, “–they are all boring,” and turning her head to leeward breathed out a small flame, curling red-golden bright. “That is poetry enough for me.”
Naomi’s sixth Temeraire novel, Tongues of Serpents, goes on sale July 13, and she’ll be doing a short tour–see schedule below. There’s even an iPhone app now, so that you can keep up with all the Novik-related news. It’s downloadable for free at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/naomi-novik/id377775653.
Tuesday, July 13
Barnes & Noble
96 Warren Street (@ Greenwich Street)
Wednesday, July 14
Borders Books & Music
5871 Crossroads Center Way
Baileys Crossroads, VA
Saturday, July 17
Pandemonium Books
4 Pleasant St., Cambridge
Tuesday, July 20
Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing
3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd., Beaverton
Wednesday, July 21
University Bookstore
4326 University Way NE
Thursday, July 22 & Friday, July 23
Comic-Con International
San Diego Convention Center

  • Love the drabble! Of course, I’m sad not to see any Northern California visits for Novik’s tour, but she can’t be everywhere. 🙂

  • Betsy Mitchell

    Well, as Naomi recently announced on her LiveJournal, she is now carrying an egg of her own! She reports,
    “So now that I am out of the first trimester woods and thankfully creeping past what seemed like endless morning sickness, I can share the happy news that I am working on a different kind of creative project, aka the Hypothetical Child (which is now Theoretical Child) that Charles and I have been contemplating for the last few years. She is due in early December. \:D/
    “I do have to say that so far, I would much rather be a dragon and get to lay a nice portable egg….”
    So we’re keeping the tour short this year in preparation for the upcoming Happy Event.

  • That’s wonderful news! I wish her and her new family the best. That’s very exciting. 🙂

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