Free Library: July New Addition!


fsf-julyaugust.jpgIt’s now July 2010.

Where did half the year go? Honestly?

And why is Seattle still socked in with gray clouds? I can’t seem to get rid of my winter skin color. I should be outside by now, reading at the park on a blanket, soaking in the heat and reveling in the bluest of blue skies.

Perhaps I need to take a tropical cruise…

No, scratch that. I’ll never take a cruise again. Certainly not one in the Mediterranean. Not after reading this new addition to the Free Library!

For July, Unbound Worlds continues its fun collaboration with the Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine! This month, we are showcasing Recrossing the Styx by Ian R. MacLeod. For free. Yes, for free. It is the short story of Frank Onions, tour guide on the futuristic cruise ship Glorious Nomad, who meets Dottie Hastings, the deliciously seductive woman of his dreams. Dottie is unhappily married to a zombie-like, resurrected trillionaire named Warren.

The question is: What lengths will Frank and Dottie go to to be together?

Del Rey Books editor Betsy Mitchell has this to say about this story:

“Can a story be called a murder mystery when the victim is already dead? Take a little trip aboard the Glorious Nomad with author Ian R. MacLeod and make your own decision. . . .”

A great short story has a great twist. Recrossing the Styx by Ian R. MacLeod has that twist—and so much more.

Click HERE to download and read it!

For free!