Dress like a vampire: Genevieve Miller talks about Vampire Knits


“Black capes are so 1897”

Genevieve Miller is very much like so many readers out there these days. She rediscovered her love of vampires thanks to the Twilight novels, though she’d always been a fan of the more macabre vampire stories. But her contribution to the vampire trend is not a work of fiction, but a melding of crafts and history.

Genevieve is the author of Vampire Knits: Projects to Keep You Knitting from Twilight to Dawn and it’s a pretty cool book. Vampire Knits has 28 different projects that were inspired by Vampire lore (new and old) and a bunch of vampire trivia, facts, and history spread throughout. Seriously, it’s a pretty cool addition to the growing mass of vampire-related books out there today (and probably has better staying power than most of the rest).

Earlier this year, we caught up with Genevieve and spoke with her about the book and her thoughts on vampires. Here’s what she had to say: