I Find Your Lack of Baked Goods Disturbing.


img4mSure, your little Padawan can bullseye womp rats in his or her T-16, but can he or she cook a Wookie Cookie or Tusken Raider Taters? No? Slack in your training you have become, Jedi parents, but correct this you can.

Before you introduce your children to your kitchen, you’ll want to make sure that they’re properly equipped. No, not a lightsaber, Sith-dad, an apron. After all, it just won’t do to get cookie goo all over their Jedi robes. Check out this new personalized Star Wars apron at Williams-Sonoma. It’s perfect for your family’s next culinary adventure in a kitchen a far, far away. (maybe grandma’s kitchen, right?)

While you’re there, check out these new Star Wars cookie cutters the perfect accompaniment to the apron.