26 Days of SUPERMAN: Day 22: VIRUS X


His incredible powers are legendary, his famous red-and-blue costume is unmistakable, and the S-shield emblazoned across his chest iconic. Born Kal-El on the doomed planet Krypton, he was rocketed to Earth and raised by the kindly Kents, destined to battle evil as Superman, the Man of Steel.

Del Rey and DC Comics present The Essential Superman Encyclopedia, your guide to absolutely everything about the high-flying hero who’s been thrilling comics fans for more than seventy years. This amazing A-to-Z compendium is co-written by Robert Greenberger, author of The Essential Batman Encyclopedia, and veteran Superman comics and TV scripter Martin Pasko, with an Introduction by award-winning Action Comics and Superman: Secret Origin scribe Geoff Johns. The fact-packed vault of a volume will be the go-to guide to the celebrated Man of Tomorrow for ages to come.

Since so many of us at Unbound Worlds are fans of the Man of Steel, we thought we would celebrate by offering you an entry a day from the book. Twenty-six days of Superman! Up, up, and away!

Superman_Fly V: VIRUS X

Virus X was said to be a fatal contagion that could kill any native of KRYPTON in thirty days. No cure had been discovered for this disease by the time the planet was destroyed. Continuing research in the bottle city of KANDOR also proved fruitless. It was theorized that any disease to survive the explosion would evolve to super-virulence, able to kill even superpowered Kryptonians such as KAL-EL, Superman. His relative THARB-EL theorized that Element 202, discovered during his work with the pathologic microorganism, could be the elusive cure, but never could prove it (Superman [first series] #156, October 1962).

The Man of Steel once appeared to have contracted the disease, which left his skin bloated, distorted, and green-colored. It was later believed that the evolved disease was also fatal to human beings. The cure proved to be a dose of white KRYPTONITE, which eradicated plant life and therefore the organism (Action Comics #362366, April–August 1968).


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