Cage Match–Villains!: 11) Megatron versus 22) The Reaper


The Contestants


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Leader of the Decepticons
Age: Millions of years old
Race: Transformer
Weapons / Artifacts: Fusion cannon, electrical blasts
Can transform into a jet fighter, tank, pistol…or Porsche!

The Reaper
Relentless Killing Demon
Age: Unknown
Race: Demon
Weapons / Artifacts: claws, fear itself
Claw Attack!

The Breakdown


  • Very tall, made of metal, and can transform into weapons
  • Leads a large team of evil Decepticons
  • One of the greatest pit fighters on Cybertron

  • Killing is the sole function of the Reaper’s existence
  • Seven feet tall
  • Incredibly strong


  • His one-track mind makes it hard for him to form lasting relationships

  • N/A

  • N/A

Click here to see why Alex Irvine, author of Transformers: Exodus, thinks the Reaper should be saying “All hail Megatron!”

How we think the fight will go

The jet fighter raced towards the horizon. Megatron was retreating before the fight even started. He didn’t know much about the enemy he was to face. It came from another realm… a demon realm. And that was enough to signal retreat.

The tall fir trees swayed violently as the jet descended into the forest clearing. This was as good a place as any to land. His foe would never find him here. But what he didn’t know was that his first Cage Match adversary would find him wherever he went. The Reaper would always track its prey down, kill it, and then move on to kill every other living thing.

Not long after his landing, Megatron saw the shadowy figure emerge from the dark forest. Although tall by human standards, he barely stood higher than Megatron’s lower spark plug. Any human would cower in fear at the sight of the Demon. But Megatron was not human. He wasn’t facing Autobots here. This foe couldn’t transform into Honda Civic if he tried.

“Ha! And this is what Unbound Worlds offers as my first match?” the Decepticon leader bellows, covering up the fact that he had run away in the first place. “I should have asked Slugfest to stand in my stead. Even he could defeat you.”

The Reaper glided over the ground towards Megatron. Hooded and silent, he needed to kill. Regardless whether this was his match or not, he would kill something today. And something was moving and speaking directly infront of him. He would kill it, and then continue to kill everything else he saw.

The Reaper wasted no time. It silently lunged at Megatron and began clawing violently. Sparks flew as the demon savagely scraped at metal. Megatron laughed and then swung his fist. The Reaper was flung into a tree.

“Is that all you have to show me?” yelled Megatron. “Claws and cloaks!”

Megatron aimed his cannon and fired at the demon. Trees exploded in flame, but the Reaper was fast. He ran again at his prey and caught him off-guard. The Demon slashed at the Decepticon’s legs, thirsty for a kill. Cables and wires snapped and Megatron screamed in fury. The Reaper continued to tear and claw as scraps of metal flew. Megatron began to retreat and fell to the ground. Tasting death, the Reaper clawed its way to meet his prey eye-to-eye.. He pulled back the hood to reveal the face no living creature saw until the moment before death.

The Decepticon screamed “Get your ugly mug out of my grill!” as he transformed into a 9 mm pistol and shot the Reaper in the face.

Predicted Winner: Megatron


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Megatron is a character from Transformers; The Reaper is a character from the Shannara series by Terry Brooks

Megatron image courtesy of Hasbro. The Reaper image courtesy of

  • Rob

    All Hail Megatron!

  • Ha, in “reality,” Megatron wouldn’t last against the Reaper. He has nothing to take the Reaper out with. Only magic an undo the Reaper, and unless Megatron can suddenly become an elf and wield the Elfstones, he wouldn’t stand a chance. The Reaper on the other hand would tear that robot body apart joint for joint.

  • Cadder

    The Reaper for the win.

  • Jeff

    Please, a 9 mm take out the Reaper??? The reaper is a DEMON. It would take more than a shot in the face by a giant hunk of metal to kill it. The minute that the Reaper started tearing into those wires it was over.

  • Kenny

    There is no way that Megatron would even stand a chance against the Reaper. You cannot kill that which is already dead and does not fear death. I agree that once the Reaper started tearing in wires the match is over.

  • Bones

    odd how under the mighty Megatron’s stats it says kills none. He has killed Optimus Prime 4 times, Ironhide, Starscream, brawn, and many other weak pathetic Autobots. The mystical life force of the demon hoard is no match for fusion cannon and a devious mind.

    Power flowes to the one who knows HOW, desire alone is not enough!


  • Bones, the Kills is not who the character has killed in his/her/its life. It’s who that character has killed in THIS cage match. Since this is the first round, all characters in this cage match have yet to kill someone and that’s why N/A (NOT AVAILABLE) is listed under Kills.

    In the second round, the Reaper will have “Megatron” under Kills. 🙂

  • Jezza

    “The thing had him”

    If you remember what happened in Drey Wood , you’ll already know what this means.

  • Tony

    You can’t kill something that is already dead!!! Or can you???

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