Cage Match–Villains!: Introductory Video


If you remember this past March, then you remember Unbound Worlds Cage Match, a rollicking good time in which we pitted some of the greatest sci-fi and fantasy characters against each other in single combat–and let you decide who won.

Now we’re at it again, and this time we’re focusing on the characters I tend to enjoy the most: The Villains.

Check out Joe Scalora and I talk about the upcoming bracket, and then stay tuned to Unbound Worlds to see how you’re going to get involved this time!

and Part II:

  • alicelouise58

    Overlooked Villains:

    Thulsa Doom from the Conan Movies
    Artemis Entreri from The Legend of Drizzt series
    Jarlaxle Baenre from the legend of Drizzt series
    Cersei Lannister from A Song of Fire and Ice Serirs
    Khan Noonian Singh from Star Trek
    Gul Dukat from Star Trek Deep Space Nine
    Q of Star Trek the Next Generation

  • alicelouise58

    By the way the villains on tap are great! I had a blast following and voting last March. Just a couple of questions?

    Will our villains be able to have help. Will Baltar have Number Six to help out? I can just see it “Gaius, be very very careful.” All the while with the creepy piano music in the background.

    Cage Matches for the future: How about a Tag Team Cage Match? Sixteen Hero Teams versus sixteen Villain Teams

  • James

    I’d love to see The Borg vs the Cybermen or maybe The Daleks vs Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips. How about The Unsullied from Song of Ice and Fire, (potentially villians, depends on who owns them), vs LOTR’s Uruk Hai?

  • dpomerico

    If you haven’t already gone over to the poll, make sure to vote on who you want in the play-in matches (as per the second video!):

  • Ahi

    I’m actually really glad you are limiting Star Trek. You don’t need to add anymore from that universe. That said, Darth Maul or Boba Fett would have been welcome additions. Medusa from (the original) Clash of the Titans would be a great villain. Roy Batty from Bladerunner would be a good choice too. One of the Endless from Gaiman’s Sandman would have been nice to see as well. And personally I think Jareth from Labyrinth should be a top 5 seed as well.

  • Laurie

    How could you not have the Joker? ^_^

  • dpomerico

    We actually don’t have any comic book villains (or video game villains). We figured we will probably do cage matches in the future utilizing those mediums, and in the meantime, we’d stick with books, movies, and television.

    But you’re right, Laurie: The Joker would have been awesome.

    Ahi: Just as we limited Star Trek to one character, we limited all the worlds to one character (for Star Wars, we have Darth Vader). The only exception will be if the Starscream/Cobra Commander/Skeletor tag-team makes it through the fan-voting and play-in round (for then there will be two Transformers).

  • Shadow’sBane

    Why no Wheel of Time Characters……….?
    there are plenty of villians there…13 forsaken ….gholams….and the Dark One himself……THEN why the HEll is There no character from Wheel of Time….?…..the character from this series Won last Cage match …..this is stupidity……

  • Dragonsworn

    An aSoIaF character makes the list but why no Wheel of Time villain? After the monumental showdown finale between Jaime and Rand which made fans rush to either side last time at least I and gazillions of WoT fans were expecting at least someone from WoT and there is a wide range of villains to choose from. What about the mastermind Ishamael/Ba’alzamon, the Dark One, all the other Forsaken, Padan Fain, Shaidar Haran…
    There are a few good choices listed in your video but this is not what I expected for the next cage match. I doubt it will make an impact as it did last time.

  • Someone

    i am a huge wot-fan, but i will admit that many of the villians in the series arent really that intresting, they are also very powerful, and i can see why they left them out.

    the lord ruler from mistborn would have been cool tho..

    and also, very cool that they included dracula, dracula is awsome, and so is voldemort 😛

  • amy

    So… where are the Wheel of Time villains?????
    It’s not possible that with all those interesting bad guys you didn’t chose anyone of them!
    Rand al’Thor from WoT won the last Cage Match, you just can’t leave the Wheel of Time out! We want Moridin or Ishamael or Shaidar Haran or Padan Fain or the Dark One himself!

  • no Wheel of Time characters?
    surely you are kidding! Ishamael, Semirhage, Graendal, Padan Fain, Shaidar Haran, DO himself……there are loads more!!
    Rand won the last cage match…how come you ignore WoT this time…..or maybe as a friend of mine suggested on fb that if a WoT villain is there, there might not be a competetion at all!!
    no offence!

  • Hey everyone: David P. addressed the WOT character decision in his comment on the other Cage Match post here:

    I hope that this helps explain their decision, but by all means, feel free to discuss!

  • amy

    @Kyle: sorry but that is a pitiful explanation… No offense… The Dark One is not the only villain, there are lots and lots more and they’re all intriguing and subtle ones. Moridin for example is one of the most smart villains I’ve ever read of, he knows what he’s about and what he wants to achieve and, believe me, it’s not one of the typical villain’s reasons, there’s depth and a true ideal behind all his deeds. If this doesn’t represent an intriguing and compelling fight then I don’t know what else suvudu people might wish for…

  • @Amy: No offense taken. It’s not my explanation.

  • Curios

    Where is the new one for 2011?

  • dpomerico

    Curios — the Cage Match for 2011 was in March. The one for 2012 will be in March of 2012. We’ve decided to only do one a year. Look for more news about 2012 in the weeks to come.

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