NYCC 2010: When Living Legends Meet!


As wonderful as any comics convention can be–and, certainly, they are fantastic, awesome things–every now and then they go above and beyond to capture a moment that is nothing less than pure magic. So it was with this moment at the recent New York Comic Convention, where we were lucky enough to witness a serendipitous moment of pure joy when two old friends came across each other once again.


On the left, the living legend Joe Simon, co-creator of the Sentinel of Liberty himself Captain America, who came out days before his 97th birthday to greet fans and sign copies of his new book The Simon & Kirby Superheroes, a brilliant restoration of comics rarities Simon created with Jack Kirby.

On the right, the living legend Jerry Robinson, one of the original Batman creative team whose contributions to Dark Knight’s mythos include creating the iconic villain The Joker and his co-creation of sidekick Robin. Jerry’s life and career is at long last featured in the recent, gorgeous illustrated biography Jerry Robinson: Ambassador of Comics.

They say that almost 96,000 people came through the New York Comic Con this year. Were it not for men like these, none of those fans would have anything to come celebrate. So thanks, Joe! Thanks, Jerry! From all of us who live, read, work, and dream in the glow of your Golden Age.

Want more Simon & Kirby? Read an excerpt of The Simon & Kirby Superheroes here: