“The Walking Dead” Hollywood Premier: Our Anonymous Informant Spills Her Guts


the-walking-dead-posterDid you get to go to The Walking Dead premier last night in Hollywood? No? Neither did I. Fortunately, Unbound Worlds’s highly-placed anonymous informant did, and she’s got the goods. Read on:

Where did the premier take place? When?
The premier took place last night (10/26) at 7:00. It was at the Cineramadome in Hollywood and was followed by an after party at the Hollywood Forever cemetery.

Party at the Hollywood Forever cemetery? Wow! what was that like?
The party was pretty phenomenal. They were serving Zombies (the alcoholic kind, not the dead kind), and they had some of the show set pieces outside as decoration. There were also a number of zombies roaming around on the walk up to the party. There’s nothing quite walking through a dark cemetery with a near full moon, a strong breeze and copious amounts of the undead shambling their way towards you.

Were any of the show’s creators or actors there? Did you talk to any of them?
A lot of the creators and actors were present. (We spotted Robert Kirkman at the after party.) Unfortunately, I was unable to get a chance to talk with any of the actors as the party was so packed. I did, however, get to talk to one of the directors and she was as excited for the show as we were.

Let’s talk about the show itself. I know that you recently started reading “The Walking Dead,” so you’re in a good position to compare the beginning of the comic to the show itself. How did it stack up? How faithful was it?
The premier was only for the first episode, so that’s as far as I can compare. I can say that it followed the comics very closely, but with a number of additions to help flesh out the story. There were also some amazing replications of scenes from the comics that were brought to life beautifully on the screen. I don’t think fans will be disappointed. Changes or no, this is still the same story they already know and love.

How are the special effects? How were the performances of the actors?

Excellent and more excellent. Not only were the actors performances top notch, but they managed to cast actors that really looked like their comic book counterparts. I think there is going to be a character for everyone and that the performances will really allow the audience to connect.

The effects were also extremely well done, especially for a television show. There were a lot of really large set pieces and makeup applications instead of CGI. It’s actually more frightening because you know it was really there in some form. These may end up being the most gruesome zombies seen on television to date.

AMC has a reputation for quality programming. Is “The Walking Dead” going to live up to that? Overall, if you had never even heard of the comic would you still think the show was worth seeing?
Let’s put it this way: I don’t really watch television, but I will definitely be watching this. At the very least, it’s on par with AMC’s other shows. Also, while the zombies are very large part of it, “The Walking Dead” is largely a human story. That’s what’s going to bring in viewers that are not familiar with the comic. It’s really about survival and about how people act during a crisis. So few people really realize what a mess they would be if everything they know was taken away from them tomorrow. No television, no cell phones, no electricity. You finally have to live for yourself instead of letting our world of technology do it for you.