Cage Match–Villains!: 6) Glory versus 22) The Reaper


The Contestants


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Very Pretty Hellgod
Age: Ageless (but looks to be in her mid-20s)
Race: Hellgod
Weapons / Artifacts: Is an, um… god
Can drain mental energy from humans by sticking her hands in their head

The Reaper
Not the Grim Reaper
Age: Unknown
Race: Demon
Weapons / Artifacts: Claws, fear itself
Claw Attack!

The Breakdown


  • Superhuman speed, superhuman strength, near-invulnerability
  • Is practically impossible to kill
  • Distractingly beautiful; impeccable fashion sense

  • Killing is the sole function of the Reaper’s existence
  • Seven feet tall
  • Incredibly strong


  • Apt to break into heartfelt song expressing his innermost feelings at any moment

  • Ben Linus
    The Island was done with him
  • Darth Vader
    Never did have too much luck with the ladies…
  • Predator
    What did you expect? Your kind has been beaten by Danny Glover. Danny Glover!

How we think the fight will go

A nurse stood outside the ER entrance, smoking. The night was a little chilly, but otherwise a typically lovely pre-dawn California morning.

“Can I bum one of those,” a young doctor asked. The nurse smiled and shook the pack at him. It was clear she liked him—not just because he was handsome, but because he was one of the good ones: idealistic but not naïve, compassionate but not impractical.

“Thanks.” He lit the cigarette and inhaled deeply. His sigh was one of pure contentment.

“I didn’t know you smoked, Ben,” the nurse said.

“I didn’t always. But something about working in Sunnydale just makes me think that there are worse options than smoking.”

The nurse shuddered. “I know what you mean. It’s like this place, for all its great weather and natural beauty, has an ugly side.”

“You have no idea,” Ben muttered.

“What was—damn, my break’s over. See you back inside,” she said, stubbing out her cigarette into the ground. The automatic doors slid open and she was quickly inside, leaving Ben by himself.

“No idea, indeed,” he said, a little louder this time. He had gotten into the habit of talking to himself—at least, that’s what it looked like to a casual observer. Normally that would be cause for concern, but—like the nurse had said—this was Sunnydale, and the weird and unusual tended to be ignored and forgotten almost as soon as it happened.

“But it’s where the Hellmouth is, isn’t it? The precious Hellmouth and the stupid Key…which you still haven’t found, thank God.” He smiled. “’Thank God.’ That’s funny.” He took another drag. “Everyone in there is concerned about staying alive—the ones whose brains you haven’t turned into mush, that is—and they don’t even realize what true pain could be. The pain you would create if you found that Key.”

He leaned against the building and closed his eyes, the smoke moving into his lungs…

…just as the claws punctured them. The demon before him was like nothing Ben had ever seen, and its stealth and speed were enough to use the brief moment when Ben tried to pretend he wasn’t in the most dangerous town in the world.

The Reaper pulled its claws out of the human’s torso, and watched as smoke leaked out of the perfect holes they had created. It didn’t watch long. Soon it was hacking and slashing, all teeth and claws and murder and anger—a beast of killing and death. The demon only stopped when it realized it was simply tearing up pieces of pieces and that any organs were now indistinguishable from each other.

It thought back to earlier that day, when it had battled with Glorificus, the goddess nigh impossible to harm, let alone defeat. And though she didn’t possess the Elfstones, she was of Hell—and of an order so high that even the Reaper had to respect it. It had attacked because it must, because someone had given the demon the opportunity to kill, and that was something it would not pass up.

But killing the unkillable—even the Reaper had its limits.

Apparently, though, so did Glory.

And though it would bend its knees to her if they were in the Courts of Hell, there was a reason the Reaper had been plucked from Shannara to face all these other monsters.

It was a hunter. It was evil.

And it had finally felt the thrill of taking the life of a god.

Predicted Winner: The Reaper


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Glory is a character from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”; The Reaper is a character from the Shannara series by Terry Brooks.

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  • The Reaper fan

    The Reaper is finally getting the respect it deserves. It is a pure killer and I want to see The Reaper vs. The Mountain That Rides! Come on Reap, take out Glory!

  • Ty

    I want to see Reaper verse Rand Al’thor that would be a fight

  • K

    Yeah, but how does the Reaper know Glory is Ben? Come on.

  • JZC

    Whoa, K. Are you saying… Ben is Glory? And Glory’s Ben?

  • austin

    but glory or ben never died, they couldn’t die, you know, cuz of the god thing
    i mean the reaper died when it got some rocks pointed at it.

  • dpomerico

    K: The Reaper isn’t a mindless beast. It can think for itself, and it’s a hunter. Only humans don’t know Ben and Glory are the same–if you remember, Spike kept trying to tell everyone, but they didn’t believe him.

    and Austin: Glory can die. I hate to spoil this, but when Ben dies, that’s the end of Glory–and Ben dies at the end of that season.

  • Marissa

    The reaper wouldn’t know if Ben was Glory and Glory was Ben..except for the fact that he’s a demon, like Spike. D’oh! Well, maybe Ben will be smart and stay hidden during the fight? We can only hope!

  • Brook

    Wait? Ben is Glory? And Glory is Ben?

    That will never stop being funny.

  • JZC

    No, it will not.

  • Vindici

    So, so, so. Who’s gonna finally kick Glory’s skanky lopsided ass to whatever place would tale a cheap whorish fashion-victim ex-God like her?

  • runstile

    Sorry but Glory has to lose. While she is in human form (which she IS stuck in) she has lost a good majority of her god like powers. She has super speed, super strength and a few others but not enough to be a formidable foe for the Reaper.

  • Archangel

    There’s no way Reaper is fighting Ben, Ben is already dead remember. And it is supposed to be a caged match. Nobody wants to see a fight between Ben and Reaper.

    They must have found a way to get Glory back from whereever she was to fight this fight. So against Glory Reaper has no chances.

  • scoobie

    Spike does see the transformation and rember that Ben turneed into Glory but after they leave the gas station Glory is told that Spike saw the change and didnt forget and she said that is not supposed to happen and that the only way a demon wouldnt forget the change is if the walls seperating her and Ben are demineshing. So the reaper wouldn’t have known that they are the same person.
    The fight is between Glory and The Reaper, not Ben and The Reaper. And if the fight is going to be that far off the story line, why don’t they put Glory in her original hell dimension where she is not nearly impossible to kill, but literally impossible to kill. Glory is a god, she would win

  • Jon

    So, just to put this in perspective, the argument of the Reaper-fans for the Reaper beating an unkillable hell-god with its claws is:

    Glory has occasionally become Ben.
    The Reaper could kill Ben.
    Therefore, Glory cannot be Glory, but must be Ben, whatever the pesky subject line says.

    There’s apparently another premise in there, the truth of which is absolutely known. I think it runs thus: “The Reaper cannot lose, because Terry Brooks fans will not let it be so”.

  • Samuel

    Okay, everyone is aware that Glory is literally the ONLY character left whom Rand Al’Thor cannot curb-stomp in his sleep, right?

    I mean, he’ll win again: that’s pretty much a given since Sauron went out. But at least there’ll be a debate…as opposed to:

    The Mountain…Balefired!
    The Terminator…Balefired!
    The Reaper…Balefired!

    Hell, Al’Thor could take all three of them at once. Giggling.

  • Alutar

    If Glory can’t beat The Reaper in this cage match, then how can she beat Rand Al’Thor? At least the Reaper supporters care enough to vote.

  • Samuel

    Beat Al’Thor? LOL. Who said anything about beating Al’Thor? There’s no one left who could even conceivably beat Al’Thor, unless Brandon Sanderson snoozes through the whole thing and somehow the WoT fans don’t hear what’s going on. The only thing we have to decide now is whether we’re going to have fun arguing this in the comments section or whether it’s just going be “yeah…this guy’s here b/c Terry Brooks or George Martin has a blog and fans who read it regularly…he really doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell…”

    Glory, if this were about realism rather than popularity, might actually have a shot. Not a GREAT shot, but a shot. That just kind of makes it more interesting to me. But…to each his own.

  • runstile

    This is Cage Match \villains\ Rand Al’Thor is not a villain. So……why even have the discussion?

  • Samuel

    Rand Al’Thor, winner of the original round, will fight the winner at the close of cage match villains for title of “All-Star Winner 2010” or whatever.

  • garbarharyar


    good lord, hurry the hell up

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