Poll: What Should I Read Next?


It’s time for you to vote!

I have not read these books. Sad huh? Each of them have special meaning to me though because of their authors.

  • Peter V. Brett is one cool cat who I always have fun with at conventions.
  • Jim Butcher has been in my home a few times signing books for The Signed Page and is hilarious to spend time with.
  • Scott Lynch is a Spectra author and, while I have not met him, his work has been consistently talked about on the internet(s) for several years now.
  • Naomi Novik hired me as her webmaster and she is one of the wittiest authors I’ve met.
  • Patrick Rothfuss and I have known one another for years now, I am always amazed at how funny he is, and despite his success he is always thinking of others before himself.
  • Diana Rowland is another convention buddy who loves many of the same things I do and can find $5 in elevators like no other!

All of them have something in common. I haven’t read their work. Since I am wrapping up the final edit on my book this week, I’m going to have a lot of time on my hands in the next few weeks, time I can finally catch up on my reading piles.

And what better way than to have you all pick what book I read! Why? Because it’s fun.

These are the books I feel are most pressing for me to read. You pick!

The poll closes this Saturday! Comments below are welcome. Let me know what you chose and why. Argue with each other if you must.

Thanks for your help! I’ll review each book on Unbound Worlds after reading them.


  • thehierophant

    I finished reading ‘The Lies of Locke Lamora’ last week.

    Although I did not like how Lynch resolves the plot at the end (quite hurriedly) the book as a whole is a nice effortless read.

    The few inconsistencies in the plot are made up by some witty dialogues. A few strong characters, some gritty violence and the absence of romantic cliches are all welcome!

    Oh and it has a praise from GRR Martin if that counts…

  • Len

    Personally, I’ve read Storm Front as well as a couple of the other Dresden Files books, they’re a lot of fun to read. My wife is reading Storm Front now. That said, I’m currently reading the Warded Man, and it is one of those rare experiences when you find a terrific author that you had never heard of and you know You’re reading greatness in its early stages. Jim Butcher is phenomenal, but I didn’t exactly stumble upon the Dresden Files. I stumbled upon the Warded Man and I have since been the Rewarded Man.

  • I chose The Lies of Locke Lamora – I read it earlier this year and loved it! Although ultimately, you can’t go wrong with anything on your list.

  • My vote is for The Name of the Wind, because it’s amazing. Interesting story, fascinating (and possibly unreliable) narrator…and the second book is coming soon! Second choice is The Lies of Locke Lamora, which is a quick, fun read, as is the sequel.

    I would vote against the Dresden Files. I really couldn’t get into Jim Butcher’s series. But that’s a personal thing–the main character bored me.

  • Jon

    I voted for Locke Lamora, I try to only read the most interesting of what is out there, and having read Storm Front and the Warded Man I have to say that they’re both good, but not likely the best thing on the list. I’m guessing that’s In the Name of the Wind, which I want to read too, when the series is finished. So Locke Lamora looked like it could be the most interesting thing left to me. No offense to the others, I don’t think I’ve even tried a female author in this genre (though one of my all time favs is Rosemary Sutcliff), although I think I ought to. In fact, I’ll go ahead and give one of the ladies of sf/f a try pretty soon.

  • Jonas

    Voted for Name of the Wind. That book really did it for me. I was hooked from page 1 until it ended ๐Ÿ™‚

    Itยดs extremely well written, has an interesting story, a main character youยดll love and a nicely constructed world with an interesting history.

  • Bush League Critic

    “I was hooked from page 1 until it ended”

    @Jonas: You must have read a different version of Name of the Wind than I did. The one I read didn’t have anything that even remotely resembled an “ending.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Nina

    That’s one of the hardest choices out there! Jim Butcher, Diana and Rothfuss are all among my favourites! (Plus Naomi is also awesome.) READ ALL THREE. And then read Diana’s sequel, ALL of Jim’s sequels and that should tide you over until Rothfuss’ sequel comes out? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kyle M.

    @Nina: I like the cut of your jib! Now if only that sort of voting structure were allowed in this poll…

  • Three books I love are on your list, so it was a difficult decision for me. I voted for The Lies of Locke Lamora because I think more people need to read this book – I loved it! It is one of my favorite reads of 2010! Most of the people I know have never heard of the book and I mean to correct that as throughly as possible. Scott Lynch is a talent that should not be overlooked.
    I was directed over here by another author I love, who is just too cool – Diana Rowland. Mark of the Demon is an outstanding first novel! You can not go wrong with it, and I fully intended to vote for it, right up until I saw ‘Lies’ on your list. Most everyone I know has read & loved Mark of the Demon and those who haven’t I’ve been lending my copy to – there by forcing them to go buy book 2 in the series. Were it not for my love of Locke Lamora, I’d surely have voted for Diana’s fantastic novel. All of that said, it was Jim Butcher’s Storm Front that pulled me out of a 3 yr reading slump and got me back to reading several books a week. Jim Butcher and Harry Dresden have my heart. Everyone knows Jim Butcher though and he doesn’t need more help getting his name or series out there. (at least not as much as Scott Lynch & Diana Rowland) The other books on your list here – I haven’t read so, they’re going on my TBR list now. =)

  • If you haven’t read Naomi Novick at all, start with His Majesty’s Dragon. Black Powder War is book 3 and, IMO, lacking in what made the earlier books enjoyable. Otherwise, it’s hard to go wrong with Jim Butcher!

    • I’ve read the first two books in the series, Allene. No problem with that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • SodiumBenzoate

    Ha, the book itself ended, but my mind wanted to tear itself to pieces when i realized there were no more pages…
    My vote is for The Name of the Wind, but Black Powder War is my close second.

  • fyrflygrrl

    Turn off your phone and your computer. Lock your door. Prepare snacks and beverages, then squirrel yourself away somewhere cozy and quiet and read The Name of the Wind. Kvothe’s tale is one of desparation, longing, and learning. He is intelligent, yet refreshingly naive. He is vain, yet humble. His wit is razor sharp. He experiences a harrowing tragedy, yet retains his humanity. Kvothe is like a diamond developing under intense pressure, and The Name of the Wind magically and wonderfully captures the beginning of his tale in writing that is clean and eloquent .
    Read it!

  • sleyn

    I never thought I’d skip a chance to plug Jim Butcher (the man knows how to write a page-turner), but Rothfuss stole my vote in this poll. The Name of the Wind is the best book I’ve ever read.

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