Poll: What Should I Read Next?


It’s time for you to vote!

I have not read these books. Sad huh? Each of them have special meaning to me though because of their authors.

  • Peter V. Brett is one cool cat who I always have fun with at conventions.
  • Jim Butcher has been in my home a few times signing books for The Signed Page and is hilarious to spend time with.
  • Scott Lynch is a Spectra author and, while I have not met him, his work has been consistently talked about on the internet(s) for several years now.
  • Naomi Novik hired me as her webmaster and she is one of the wittiest authors I’ve met.
  • Patrick Rothfuss and I have known one another for years now, I am always amazed at how funny he is, and despite his success he is always thinking of others before himself.
  • Diana Rowland is another convention buddy who loves many of the same things I do and can find $5 in elevators like no other!

All of them have something in common. I haven’t read their work. Since I am wrapping up the final edit on my book this week, I’m going to have a lot of time on my hands in the next few weeks, time I can finally catch up on my reading piles.

And what better way than to have you all pick what book I read! Why? Because it’s fun.

These are the books I feel are most pressing for me to read. You pick!

The poll closes this Saturday! Comments below are welcome. Let me know what you chose and why. Argue with each other if you must.

Thanks for your help! I’ll review each book on Unbound Worlds after reading them.