Gifts For the Geek: Day 5


December is here and with it the holiday gift-giving season!

When it comes to objects, I’m a minimalist. Those authors who have been in my home know this. Though nice, I have few things. I have my signed books—some on bookcases, others on my desk. I have two pieces of artwork on my walls, both framed Michael Whelan signed prints. I don’t have a couch. I don’t have a recliner. I have a Mac on my desk, an iPad on my night stand, and a new television powered by Netflix that I watch from my computer chair when I need to decompress while doing web work.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have a wish list though. There are some really cool items out there and this is the season I begin thinking, “Wouldn’t it be neat if I had X or X or X or X?”

For the month of December I’ll post some of my own personal picks, some of which I’m sure will also excite some of you, maybe to the point you add them to your own gift wish lists!

Day 5: Xbox 360 w/ Kinect

Xbox 360

The Xbox. The perennial game changer. When it was released in November 2001 it was a runaway success and helped change the video game industry forever.

Since then, Nintendo and Sony have had to evolve. One of the ways Nintendo went was the Wii, where the remote game controllers act as an extension to the player. Playstation has recently done the same thing.

But they are now behind when it comes to technology. Rather than work on hand-held remote controllers like Nintendo and Sony, Microsoft and Xbox decided to go one step farther—remoteless game play. That’s right. Remoteless. The person’s entire body is the remote. The system is called Kinect and it is brand new.

For geeks, this could be a great gift, especially if they are gamers!

It’s still too new for there to be many games that utilize the hands-free Kinect, but they are coming. Imagine. Wielding a lightsaber as a Jedi as seen in this video:

Umm, yeah. That is pretty much the closest any of us will get to wielding a lightsaber and being a Jedi!

All due to the Kinect!

This gift, while on the pricier side, might be perfect for you or ones you love!

More tomorrow!